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HireSweet monitors Github and Stack Overflow to recommend your next engineer

Recruiting engineers, it is frustrating and many companies are trying to take advantage of artificial intelligence to solve this problem. The French Startup HireSweet focuses on finding candidates who have not even thought about applying for your company.

The startup is analyzing GitHub, Stack Overflow and other technical platforms to find the experts you are looking for. HireSweet processes unstructured data, such as profile descriptions and categorizes developers based on skills, projects, adaptability and more. It then sends you every day a selection of potential engineering profiles for your business.

With a few clicks, you can then send them an email from a template to start a conversation with them, track their responses and start hiring them.

Some of the best engineers are very active on GitHub but are not actively looking for new work. HireSweet allows you to go beyond the usual hiring routes and allows you to poach these engineers.

Many startups are already using GitHub repositories and Stack Overflow contributions before an interview. But they waste their time browsing GitHub themselves and contacting contributors.

HireSweet does not reinvent the wheel. It turns a slow and inefficient process into an automated service. But that alone could make a big difference when it comes to finding good candidates for your business.

The company recently raised $ 1.8 million (1.5 million euros) from Global Founders Capital, Kima Ventures, Bpifrance, TheFamily and business angels, such as David Bizer, Yannis Yahiaoui and Yves Weisselberger.

And HireSweet already has some customers, such as Doctrine, eFounders, Deezer, Nokia Health, Sqreen and CallDesk. While most of these companies are based in France, the startup plans to seek customers in the US and other European countries with today's funding round.

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