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Hong Kong Bitcoin Meetup denounces SegWit2x as "Reckless Endeavor"

The Hong Kong Bitcoin Meetup has published one of the most strongly expressed statements of the industry pitting the SegWit2x rigid fork.

which includes members of the local Bitcoin community and the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association, described 2x as a "reckless enterprise" that "will cause disruption and damage."

"Due to the combination of & # 39; a lack of consensus We consider SegWit2x is a reckless enterprise that will cause disruption and damage to the & # 39; ecosystem," the statement on Wednesday.

"We therefore oppose strongly SegWit2x."

The Meetup joined a growing number of & # 39; cryptocurrency entities s & # 39; between the last Bitcoin's hard forks, with his counterpart in Seoul, Korea, earlier this month, emitting words with the same effects. ct.

New businesses add their views on a daily basis, with the majority seeming to take a halfway stance; If the 2x channel gets proper support, these companies will also support it.

Some have had difficulty specifying how they will approach the tough fork of November. This week, Coinbase received reviews after appearing to turn on its opinion one day after declaring that it would effectively treat the 2x channel as an altcoin.

The signatories of Hong Kong did not mince their words.

"If anyone wants to drive a fortress and the new token is considered Bitcoin, the supporters of the fortress should ask the Bitcoin community to support them and not proceed to the fortress unless it There is broad community support "the statement goes on

" With regard to SegWit2x, this has not been done. "

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