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Hopper Expands Pricing Technology at Hotels, Originally in New York City

Hopper, a premier travel app that helps you determine the best time to fly to save money, is now expanding its price prediction service to hotels. The company claims that its price tracking technology allows users to save $ 34 per night, on average, when booking a hotel room through its service, or up to $ 30 a day. at $ 90 per night in the best cases.

The Hopper app is already one of the best flight search tools on the market today because of its ability to determine the best times to fly, what it's done by analyzing historical ticket prices.

The application itself is quite popular, with more than 17 million installations and a rating of 13 in the Travel category on the US App Store.

The company said in September that it is monitoring 10 to 15 billion flights a day and that it is selling 1.5 million dollars a day to its users of applications.

However, this is the first time that the company offers the opportunity to search for travel offers beyond the flights in the two years that followed its launch.

As in the case of flights, the new version of Hopper provides future hotel prices and tells you when to buy or wait to get the best deal on the price of a room. Hopper says that its technology is 95% accurate up to six months in advance, so that it can be used to plan trips in the future.

The service will compete with a number of hotel search applications already on the market, such as those that help you book last-minute hotels, for example. But Hopper notes that the best deals are not always those reserved at the last minute, as it turns out. Instead, the best rates can sometimes be found two or three months in advance.

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With Flights, Hopper offers a variety of filters and tools to help you find the right flight for you – including offering to check nearby airports, or allowing you to eliminate stops , for example. With hotels, the company allows you to refine your selection based on the hotel's rating, or to display the recommended neighborhoods. Over time, it will become smarter on the hotels you like and make personalized suggestions.

Hotel rates are also displayed on a color-coded calendar, such as flights, and can be viewed on a new map interface. The hotel profile will inform you about other things you need to know, including pictures of the hall, the lobby, the gym, the bar, and so on.

The feature is initially available to Hopper users on iOS 11, and will only work for New York hotels at this time. The company announces that it will soon be rolled out to 10 other major markets, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and others.

The company is currently working with a handful of properties in New York, which will total some fifty soon. The commission rate usually varies from 15 to 25% depending on the property and dates.

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