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How do entrepreneurs manage the risk of failure?

How did you follow the path of entrepreneurship? originally appeared on Quora – the knowledge-sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique ideas .

Response from Dheeraj Pandey, Founder, CEO and President of Nutanix, on Quora.

The ardent desire to do something, to create something, to change my life, to change the lives of a few others who are committed to the cause. If you really believe in " the worst is not bad enough " principle – and continues to repeat it every time your heart starts beating on uncertainty – you'll have the courage to to do the irrational. The most irrational things have a rational reasoning of the worst case behind them. Having a difficult childhood helped reinforce that belief.

I also believed in the balance between people and results, technology and business, and the frontend and backend in the way I read, learn and perform. I am learning a lot of history. History gives me courage. I strongly believe in matching models and drawing parallels between past, present and future. An unwavering belief in " the more things change, the more they stay the same " "helping with product and organizational design, connecting seemingly disparate worlds and events, and taking risks. The main reason for me to come back each week to Quora is to read even more about the story. Reading the past makes me a more visual person, because I'm forced to imagine how things would have happened. And I think a lot visually, which helps me to "land" nebulous ideas into something more concrete.

Regarding instability and uncertainty, I learned to modulate my emotions. The daily highs and lows can make a crazy run, unless you focus on the average line, and do not be too exalted or depressed everyday. Respiratory meditation helped, just like my loyalty to Mike Robbins ( authenticity ), Simon Sinek (19459014] pie with why ), and Deepak Malhotra ( negotiation ). I begin to respect the speeches of Nassim Nicholas Taleb on antifragility . Every day I wake up and I remember the simple but extremely profound saying: " What does not kill me makes me stronger. "

And finally, my companion – my wife – is a huge source of strength and support in everything I do. The business spirit is difficult, and if you do not have membership on the part of your life partner, it becomes ten times harder.

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