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How Influence Marketers Benefit from a Cloud-based AI

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Influence marketing has become a key tool in the overall marketing mix used by brands. That's because it offers more return for your advertising dollars.

Influencing marketing is now a proven strategy, marketers use cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to process and leverage all the data generated by consumers, influencers, and consumers. brands to reach their target audiences.

And as influencers continue to increase the level of influence they exert on consumers, marketers must use technologies that allow them to monitor all the parameters of social media sites Web and blogs, as well as the devices that they use. different platforms.

The impact of marketing influence

A Rhythmone report revealed that 69% of consumers are likely to make a purchase if a product is recommended by someone they follow, and 92% of them have made a purchase after reading a product on their favorite blog.

This has provided high returns for brands. According to a study by TapInfluence and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, influencer marketing generates an ROI eleven times higher than traditional marketing.

Another study by Influencer Marketing Hub revealed that companies earn $ 7.65 for every dollar they spend on marketing influence, and that some cases reach $ 20.

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So, how will a cloud-based AI solution give marketers the influence of the advantage they need to achieve similar and better results?

Here are 10 ways that marketers can leverage the AI ​​and cloud computing to get there.

Smart Marketing

The days of mass marketing are always there with us, but as people choose when and where to consume content, marketers need to be much smarter in advertising for their brand.

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The technology available essentially makes it possible to deliver one to one marketing as granular as possible. With the AI ​​and the cloud, marketers can deploy smart marketing campaigns that can be customized based on demographics and location. This can go up to the individual level if needed.


Cloud-based artificial intelligence can be exploited to provide hyper-personalized recommendations to consumers. Marketers can now access huge volumes of consumer data, and this data can be used to formulate highly targeted recommendations with the help of influencers.

Compliance Monitoring

Influencers must now comply with the advertising regulations established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC sent letters to celebrities, athletes and other influencers on Instagram to remind them to "clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationship with brands when promoting or approving products. via social media. "

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For marketing professionals who use influencers, this means that they make sure that they comply with the FTC regulations. Marketers can monitor multiple customers using cloud-based solutions to ensure they are always compliant.

Analysis and Reporting in Real Time

When marketers create content, it can become viral in an instant or a flop. Cloud platforms enable marketers to access real-time analytics and reports to see what's going on day and night.

Based on the data, campaigns can be adjusted and relaunched while evaluating how users react to what is happening. Marketers can now make decisions based on data on the fly.

Multiple Campaigns

Taking advantage of the cloud-based analysis of consumer behavior, including search habits, social media usage, content consumption and more with devices that are not available. they use, marketers can launch multiple campaigns.

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All campaigns can then be monitored in the cloud. In this way, advertising spend can be optimized to generate a high return on investment.

Predictive scheduling

There are many social media sites and they all have their own characteristics. This includes when users view and consume content, the time of day with the largest number of users, the best day of the week and more.

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With predictive scheduling systems in place, using cloud-based AI, content marketers can publish content when it will have the most impact. This includes automated tools for sending optimization to ensure that the publication is placed on each social media channel at the optimum time.

Optimized advertising expenditures

Among the biggest challenges for traders is knowing how much to spend, when and where. With AI, they can customize their marketing mix with greater accuracy, so that each segment and campaign gets the right amount of attention on each channel.


Every influencer is different, and that they have 5,000 or 5 million followers, the cloud platforms allow marketers to tailor their marketing campaign as needed. With cloud computing, marketers can increase or decrease depending on demand.

This eliminates the need to pay blindly for resources that may never be used.

Competitive Advantage

Small business owners can now access computing resources at affordable prices. This allows them to compete with larger companies when it comes to managing influencers as well as marketing their brands.

Everything from computer and software to infrastructure and security can be accessed with the scalability mentioned above. This means that a small business can function as a big business in digital marketing.

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Testing and Targeting

Market research, which includes testing and targeting, was a very expensive and time-consuming process, reserved for large companies. However, with cloud-based IA solutions, businesses of almost any size can now test and target their campaigns on a large scale.

Ads can be changed on the fly and optimized to meet the changing conditions and conversations consumers have.

Marketing Tools

The digital ecosystem has changed the way marketers create, launch and manage their campaigns and the brands they serve. Influencer marketing is just one of the many changes that have taken place. However, the available technology also facilitates delivery to their customers with greater accuracy and return on investment.

To learn more about how cloud computing can help your small business, contact Meylah.

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