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How Intel Uses Real Stories to Design Campaigns Around Its B2B Technology Solutions

When Alyson Griffin took over Intel's B2B marketing strategy in July 2016, the technology brand focused its resources and resources on its consumer marketing and PC marketing.

"The marketing before July 2016 was the commercialization of ecosystems – and what I mean when I say that is the people who would buy our chips from us and incorporate them into a product that would then be sold elsewhere," says Griffin. She says that Intel has come to realize that its real growth opportunities are not limited to PCs, but to the data center industry.

"Specifically, Xeon processors, but also storage, memory, fabric, network, things like that," says Griffin, "At first we thought we are known, we are Intel – servers B2B – our market segment share is in the 90th percentile, so why do we need to market? "

According to Griffin, Intel did not really have strong brand leadership in places where the company wanted to grow.

"We are new to certain areas, we are a challenger in some areas, and in some areas we are completely unknown, and what is our role in artificial intelligence or autonomous driving is a good example? . "

Griffin says his goal is to drive marketing strategies to build the Intel brand in the B2B landscape. More recently, his team has developed campaigns around initiatives such as Intel's AI technology and the company's membership in New Lab, a warehouse space in Brooklyn which provides a workspace and resources for a technology entrepreneur community.

In today's interview, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Intel's B2B marketing strategy explains how the brand uses real-life stories to develop campaigns marketing around its complex technology solutions and technology that she shares with world.

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