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How Personalized Career Pathways Can Increase Retention, Earnings, and Efficiency

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Three months ago, I started a career at Seer Interactive to realize my dreams of working remotely by traveling around the world. It took three months of research and 100 hours to build a new role within Seer that can be reached in 20 hours a week all over the world and contributes to both the company's goals and my personal goals . We accomplished this feat and it was an amazing experience for Seer and myself.

Although at Seer this degree of flexibility in career changes is not uncommon, the majority of companies have not realized the unique benefits of allowing personalized careers.

Encouraging and supporting personalized career paths can significantly increase employee engagement, which improves retention and business earnings.

In this article, we will see why companies should consider encouraging personalized careers for their employees and the unique benefits that flow from unconventional employee support.

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Studies have found that a higher commitment of employees leads to higher retention rates. One of the best ways to engage employees is to focus on their strengths and find ways to exploit them at work.

Advertising agencies have one of the highest turnover rates, about 30%. This creates significant costs for companies, who can spend tens of thousands of dollars for hiring, training, efficiency and cultural impacts.

Seer's high percentage of engaged employees resulted in a low turnover rate (about 15%) and high employee satisfaction. We have been ranked among the best places to work in recent years in Philadelphia and San Diego.

We interviewed Seer employees who made the transition to a personalized career and found that their desire to work at Seer is higher because they are more engaged in their new roles and trust the leadership of Seer. Seer.

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Kati P., who now has a dual role between business development and SEO after having a career conversation with Seer said: "I believe that Seer has my best interests at heart and I am honest with them for any new professional development goals I prefer to work with Seer before looking elsewhere. "

Although not all conversations lead to a new role or a new position, encouraging this dialogue and creating new roles when there is a strong business case can improve both trust and confidence. commitment, thus improving retention.

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Eric S., who recently started a dual role in Marketing and SEO, said, "This has generated a lot of confidence and increased my level of satisfaction with everything I work on."


Engaging Employees and Increasing Their Income

Gallup estimates that disengaged employees cost the United States 450 to 550 billion dollars a year. Disengaged employees are more likely to cross the day, spend hours instead of being inspired to leverage their strengths and achieve their goals.

The best way to engage employees is to identify their strengths and find ways to highlight them in their work. Encouraging personalized careers is one of the ways companies can increase employee engagement.

Successful arguments include research on what the role will contain, how it will be accomplished, the business objectives to which it contributes and how it will be measured. Once the role is approved, employees know exactly what they are responsible for and are excited to pursue their goals. They are engaged and know how the new position will positively affect their career trajectory.

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Increased Creativity and Innovation

When strategies are developed to achieve the goals of the company, we are limited to the creativity and experiences of the management team.

With small teams, it is easier for the leadership to collaborate with team members on how to achieve the goals of the company. Team members are able to bring their experience and knowledge to contribute to goals in a way that leadership has not proposed. That's how innovation is born.

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As teams expand, it's harder to work with individual members to see how they would achieve their goals. Collaboration and innovation are more difficult because team members have broad goals. While this may be successful, it is more difficult to lead to innovation.

Team members are rarely asked if they can think of other ways to better achieve the company's goals. Custom career paths are a channel of innovation and allow all levels of the team to ask the question "How can we do what we do best?" They find a way to solve this question and are excited to do it.

Success Stories

This has been successful for Seer in a variety of roles. An Innovation Department was created based on Ethan L. 's interest and experience in automation. He said, "My role is to create new revenue growth opportunities to accelerate growth through automation." He works with several Seer departments to improve efficiency and save time through automated reports, strategies and deliverables.

Kati P., through her dual role in Business Development and SEO, said, "Through this involvement, I've helped BD achieve $ 1.3 million in sales to help it. achieve its goal of $ 8.4 million. Instead of creating proposals, BD is now able to spend more time qualifying candidates and creating SOWs. In addition, the way we go to the market is standardized. "

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My personal role is to build SEO eCommerce at Seer, developing new strategies and tactics to better serve this specific clientele. During the first months of the initiative, we were able to implement knowledge sharing with the team, create best practice documents on various deliverables and integrate them into current client accounts to achieve more effectively the objectives.

So now what?

Encouraging personalized careers is an excellent method to increase the engagement, retention and revenue of your business.

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It inspires employees, generates innovation and helps employees feel responsible for their progress against the company's goals.

At Seer, we want to help businesses and employees be more productive and more inspired. So we create a series in three parts.

In the second part, we will describe how companies can encourage personalized careers and, in the third part, we will help employees who are interested in developing a successful presentation for a personalized role.