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How the good domain name can catapult the growth of your business

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If you are planning to start an online business, one of your biggest challenges will be attracting potential customers.

You can create a highly optimized site, rich in rich, informative and relevant content, meeting all evolving criteria or search engine algorithms. Meanwhile, you can invest thousands in building a very visible and recognizable brand, to make your business a household name.

Or, you can give your business a big boost by investing in the right domain name.

Why is your domain name important?

There are three reasons why your domain name really matters.

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To be found

When potential customers are looking for services like yours, they will search for keywords. Identifying these keywords and using them strategically in your web content (page titles, meta data, headers, etc.) will help you rank in the search engine listings.

Although all of this is still important, having your top keyword as a domain name can help you to jump this ranking. Think of your domain name as your "real estate" online. Companies with the best location are more likely to be spotted and attract trade than those hidden in the lanes (in this case, on page two of a search list).

Get the click

Appearing at the top of a search is important, but it still does not guarantee a click. What turns a search list into a click is credibility.

The closer your domain name is to the services you provide, the more credible and relevant your company will appear to be. For example, if you sell garage doors, your ideal area could be "garagedoors". com, & # 39; while & # 39; would be much less likely to attract click-throughs, even if it appeared at the top of a Google search for & # 39; garage doors & # 39;

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Repeated business and social media recommendations are the cornerstone of most online businesses. The easiest way to ensure that customers remember who you are and where you find is to have a domain name that they simply can not forget. Which, again, means a name that says exactly what you are doing.

A domain name that reaches all of these three goals will bring you more clicks, and the ability to convert more customers, make more sales and bring more money. . You will, of course, still have to work hard to convert site visitors into sales and retain customer loyalty with excellent service.

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What makes a good domain name?

As explained above, you need a domain name that clearly and simply explains what you are doing. The most generic domain name – "" in the example above – is known as & # 39; killer category, because it's the best possible option for a business in this category.

Category killer domain names tend to have a very high value, largely because they have serious "click authority". Everything is new on credibility. When customers see a name like "", they assume that the company that owns that name must have been longer than anyone else (how could they have gotten such a large domain name?) And a business who has been around for a long time has to do something good …

If your business serves a specific region, you might find that a domain name like "" would be even more effective at attracting local customers than the generic category killer. Showing that you are a local business helps to build consumer confidence.

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The dot com domain name extensions are the best because they have been the longest and have the most confidence associated with them.

We may offer websites with other extensions such as .tv, .net or .biz, but these have very little credibility and rarely deserve to be invested.

How to secure your domain name

It is likely that the domain category killer domain in your area is already used. Powerful alternatives like the option & # 39; & # 39; may be available, and with a little creativity, you can always build a great piece of real estate online.

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When you think of a good name, do a quick search to see if a company already uses it. Otherwise, you will have to visit a domain registry like Uniregistry, where you could find your chosen domain for sale. Some domain names can be purchased for as little as $ 9 a year.

If your domain name is not used but is not for sale, a quick tour of the Who's database will reveal the owner, so you can get in touch and know what's up. He is ready to leave you there. (Be sure not to use a professional email address to contact them, as the selling price may be much higher if you realize the importance that the domain name could have for you .) Some domain names are trading for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

If you can not afford to buy the domain name, you may be able to negotiate with the landlord to rent it. Make sure you have the option to buy later so you do not lose your business. period ends!

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Investing in a large domain name can have a huge impact on your web traffic and customer recognition, which can propel the growth of your business. And your domain name will remain a valuable asset that you can sell later if necessary.

Note: Make sure to renew your domain registration each year. If you leave your registration expired, someone else will be able to register.


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