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How to buy ether easily and safely

Trading and investment in cryptocurrencies are on the rise. If you are interested in getting into lucrative markets, keep reading.

Are you looking to trade or invest in digital assets other than Bitcoin? If that is the case, you might be interested in the ether (digital assets that drive the Ethereum platform).

Getting started is easier than you think. You can buy ether using fiat currency (eg USD, Euro etc.) or crypto- currencies such as Bitcoin. This is a pretty simple process that simply requires you to sign up for an online trading platform, which you buy from the ether then you store it securely in your Ethereum portfolio.

Although the ether has rapidly gained popularity as the cryptocurrency of choice for most users, it is still relatively new. The good news is, there are several trading platforms that exchange the ether.

Online cryptocurrency trading has simplified the entire process by making it easy to register. Unlike what was the case before, it does not take time to check your account and get some of the action. Here are some of the best online trading that you can buy effectively using ether cryptocurrencies or currency.

Online trading platforms that allow you to buy the ether with fiduciary money and cryptocurrencies


This is one of the most popular trading sites in the world since you can buy ether using your credit card. It is available in the United States, Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom and Singapore. You can also buy and sell other cryptocurrencies on this site or convert your crypto money into currency. Coinbase only charges a fee of 3.75% and allows you to buy ether instantly .

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However, users often complain of poor customer service and a site still down because of maintenance issues. Coinbase is one of the simplest trading platforms and is suitable for all beginners.

You can buy ether at with cash trust and enjoy a wide variety of services for the use of other cryptocurrencies . You only have to register your account, check your account and transfer funds from your bank account or credit card. This site is secure and popular because it offers good exchange rates and has earned an excellent reputation over the years.

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This platform has the largest volume of ETH / BTC transactions on the market. It is well suited for those who would like to buy a large amount of ether as it has the best liquidity. It provides a secure trading environment with secure two-factor authentication and fast account creation. All you have to do is drop your Bitcoins to Poloniex from your crypto wallet and you can start buying ether. In addition, you can also trade on Ethereum classic.


Kraken is a US-based trading platform that is ideally suited for experienced users. It offers more digital commercial currencies than Coinbase and allows you to make trust deposits by bank transfer and wire transfer. It's one of the most reputable companies in the world of cryptocurrency and it's also a good option for low transaction fees. Beginners may have trouble using Kraken and users have also complained about its bad user interface.

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Take Away Sale

Many users today invest heavily in various cryptocurrences in the hope of improving their value. To do this, it is prudent to start with a secure, fast and easy-to-use online trading platform. Those mentioned above are some of the best, but you can look for others.