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How to convert Amazon buyers to your customers (without breaking the rules)

An electronic trademark must decide to sell its products in the Amazon market, which is the dominant buying resource for today 's consumer. Consider these statistics:

  • Forty-nine percent of US households have primary membership status.
  • More than 60% of all product searches in the United States start on Amazon.
  • Amazon accounts for 44% of all e-commerce sales in the United States.

In other words, Amazon is hard to ignore if you want to sell products online.

But many businesses are hesitant. They consider Amazon as a competitor rather than an ally. They are afraid that the sale on Amazon does not build their brand, but that it benefits Amazon.

These concerns are valid. However, independent brands can use Amazon as a tool to get customers. Thanks to good merchandising of their products, brands can turn Amazon buyers into their own loyal customers.

Mixture of products

You do not need to list all the products in your catalog on Amazon Marketplace. Think about how to strategically structure your product mix so that Amazon buyers are redirected to your site for repeat purchases.

Here is an example of a merchandising process that I have used in many different categories.

When I was in the shaving business, we sold our products successfully on Amazon Marketplace. But we only offered starter sets there. One set was a handle with cartridges, and another was a handle with cartridges and shaving cream. All the items we have listed have been put together like this. We did not sell the individual items.

Inevitably, customers would lack cartridges. They did not want to buy another complete set because they did not need another round. Similarly, they did not want to buy a complete set to refill their shaving cream. What would they do? Contact us via Amazon.

We were unable to respond by redirecting queries from Amazon and our ecommerce site. This would violate the terms and conditions of Amazon.

But, we could tell them this:

Hello, [customer name]. Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the inconvenience. At the moment, we do not sell these items individually on Amazon. We will be sure to let you know if we do it.

This answer may be disappointing for a client. But, think of it this way. The customer has the product and wants to buy more. The product and packaging bear the mark of our toll-free number and our website. In more than 70% of cases, customers could either go to our website and order, or call the phone number to shout at us because they did not have the articles on Amazon – and continue to order.

Packaging and inserts

Amazon does not expect (or does not require) that sellers on the market modify their packaging to remove the URL of a website, phone number or phone number. # 39; brand information. Thus, the printed part of your packaging is important for customer conversion.

The inserts are even more important. You can not provide an insert that directs customers to your website and do something that is necessary to use the product. It is a violation. However, you can offer instructions, videos, or product enhancements. You can not make it a requirement, just a suggestion. The challenge is to get customers to pay attention to the insert and to take the desired action.

I recently bought a product supplied with a convincing insert. At the top, in bold, was this:


He then explained that there were problems with the product for certain uses. The insertion provided a link to a page to see if the fault affected me. When I got to the page, there was more information. The key was that they created a sense of urgency for an elective business.

The inset was designed to disseminate information in a useful and non-demanding manner. But, on the web page, there was an application form for the product. I signed up. Now, I am their client. It was smart.

Very good product, experience

Make sure your product gets good grades and reviews. Buyers have choices. They do not want to buy second-rate items.

Use all the benefits to present your brand on Amazon – on your product pages, your storefront and any other place you can. Remember, you can not link to your website, but you can promote your brand. Customers are not naive. They can use the Internet search. If they like your company, they will find it.

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