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How to get the most out of the month from independent retailers for your business and your community

The month of July is far more than the month when we celebrate the independence of our nation – it's also the month when the country's small retailers celebrate their independence through Independent Retailer Month .

This local campaign started in 2011. It was then that Tom Shay of Nolcha Shows' Profits Plus and Kerry Bannigan, who separately launched promotions to promote the success of independent retailers, came together to create a global campaign that they called Independent Dealer Month.

The objective of the month of independent retailers is to highlight the critical role that small local traders play in the community and the national economy. The month-long celebration encourages consumers to shop locally and celebrate independent retailers, with the goal of creating more sustainable cities, towns and communities.

According to the organization's website, if each family in the United States spent $ 10 more per month in a local independent business rather than in a national chain, more than 9, $ 3 billion would be directly returned to savings.

How can your community get involved with the month of independent retailers?

There is still time to promote Independent Retailer Month in your community. Start by talking to other retailers in your area to see if they have plans for the event. Then talk to community leaders and professional organizations to coordinate your efforts.

Here are some ways that leaders in your local community, such as local politicians or the Chamber of Commerce, can help:

  • Make Announcements on Independent Retailer Month
  • Promote independent retailers' month to local media. The organization has statistics on the benefits of independent retail businesses that can be used to generate interest.
  • Pay tribute to a local retailer as an independent retailer of the year
  • Create a promotional page on their websites listing local independent retailers
  • Set up banners or street flags in retail districts celebrating independent retailer month
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How can your company benefit from the month of independent retailers?

Even if your community does not have the time or resources to fully promote Independent Retailer Month, your retail store can still enjoy it. Here are some ideas:

  • Visit the Independent Dealers Month website to download the resources you can use to promote your business and promote independent retailers month. They have downloadable postcards, posters and graphics that you can use in social media, on your website and in print.
  • Take advantage of Independence Day to launch your Independent Dealers Month activities. Participate in the events of July 4th by sponsoring or distributing free products or coupons.
  • Promote independent retailers month on your social media accounts and on your website. Make sure to use the #indieretail hashtag to help spread the word.
  • Partnership with other local independent retailers to organize events, sales or contests for the month of July. Offer discounts to the stores of the other customers who display a receipt from a participating store.

The independent Retailer Month website offers several other ways to market your business throughout the month of July.

How to make the most of independent retailers month

In July, introduce your retail store at its best. Your employees should be helpful and friendly; Your products must be well stored and displayed in an attractive way. Whenever possible, try to be in the store yourself so that you can present the face of a local small business owner. Buyers like to support independent and community businesses that they know about.

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Whether buyers are making a purchase or just doing a simple flyby, encourage them to sign up and receive e-mails from your store. You can use a type of incentive, such as a discount code valid for the month of August, to attract them.

Once you have this crucial customer information, stay in touch! Contact your customers by email and newsletter to interest them and bring them back to the store.

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