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How to Leverage Innovation and Strengthen Fundamentals – Our Top 10 E-mail Marketing Columns of 2017

This is not because email is a mainstay of digital marketing that is immobile. Indeed, the e-mail of 2017 finds its place as a fundamental part of the growing ecosystem of martech. And it gains in utility and complexity thanks to the software innovations of players like Apple, with its iOS updates, and Google, with its changes to Gmail and Google Wallet.

But the Land Marketing public knows that fundamentals are still of great importance, and this year they have engulfed content on the growth of your email marketing list (without resorting to shortcuts), sending a email without being blacklisted. . In addition, our columnists shared various tips to improve your email marketing game, highlighting that brands do it well and explaining the impact of ALT tags, dynamic content, optimized images for the retina. and animated GIFs.

If you missed some of this content when it was first published, be sure to check out our top 10 email marketing columns of 2017. You're sure to find ideas for getting the most out of your marketing program. email marketing. by expanding your lists or getting more response from each message sent.

  1. Why email occupies a central place in marketing innovation by Jason Warnock published on 3/9/2017.
  2. 7 Easy Wins to Add to Your Email Marketing Checklist by Chad White posted on 24/01/2017.
  3. E-mail shines even more with Gmail and Google Wallet by Matt McGowan posted on 13/04/2017.
  4. 12 Basic Email Marketing to Master by Mary Wallace published on 24/05/2017.
  5. What Email Marketers Should Know about iOS 11 by Kyle Henderick posted on 10/10/2017.
  6. 5 tips for sending an email without being blacklisted by Scott Heimes published on 02/23/2017.
  7. How to develop your e-mail marketing list without resorting to shortcuts by Scott Heimes published on 06/06/2017.
  8. 3 reasons why I deleted my cold awareness email by Andrea Lehr published on 31/08/2017.
  9. 3 brands that do email marketing as early as Len Shneyder published on 04/04/2017.
  10. 4 ways to win the inbox in 2017 by Cynthia Price published on 11/01/2017.
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