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How to make blockchain projects and ICOs attractive to traditional investors, explained


Let's face it, with traditional investing shares, the Most people lack skills and access to information that would allow them to invest smartly.

Lack of skills and access to information deepens when blockchain investments are involved. This creates a need for blockchain-based mutual funds and hedge funds that help investors who do not have the time, skills, and information to optimize their investments. The funds have a certain level of trust because investors believe that professionals who understand the market and have more information than they usually do. And since funds usually have their own style of play in that they earn money based on the fund's performance, investors feel a little more comfortable.

There are cryptofunds that are already doing their part in crypto-investment, but there are still things to be done to improve investor confidence. For example, the fund management team typically holds, by default, a portion of the tokens of funds. For an industry that is currently dealing with trust issues, it is a disadvantage, as this creates the fear that the founders are only looking to make money for themselves. There is clearly a need for transparency and Swissborg wants to offer it by distributing all its chips to its network. In other words, the management team receives a symbolic allocation, which makes the fund a little more transparent.