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How to make more engaging videos for your small business

A new survey conducted by Animoto reports that 85% of small businesses say that the use of social media has added to their customer lists. Respondents also indicated that Facebook and Instagram were their favorite tools for publishing marketing videos.

Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

Small Business Trends has been talking with Jason Hsiao, Animoto's Chief Video Officer, about how small businesses can capitalize and create more engaging videos for social media.

Facebook is still the best platform

"The video behaves very well for marketers and businesses," he said. "In fact, 66% of the people we interviewed said that video gets more engagement than other forms of content."

If you are looking to use a path for social networking videos that has already been proven, the survey highlights where you should start.

Facebook is still the leader with 91% of respondents to the survey saying that they plan to create more videos in the next six months with it. Instagram was in second place with 74% of people already placing a video on this project.

But do not forget Instagram

"When we talk to small businesses, most people are on Facebook, but Instagram is a rising star," says Hsiao, adding that Facebook is still the suggested starting point for companies that need to define their business. target markets. .

He suggests that it is the platform for beginners because it has the most powerful tools to define and target a specific audience.

There is another great lever to shoot for social media to work with video and it should not be surprising that it is bending nicely into a larger trend. No matter who your target market is, there's a good chance he's watching your video on a mobile device.

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Keep the smaller screens in mind

Hsiao says that these smaller screens have special considerations.

"It's usually people on the move who do not listen with a sound, so when we say to people who consider mobile video, we tell them," the shortest will be the best. "

He goes on to say that companies should avoid trying to cram too many subjects into one video. In fact, it is recommended that each video highlight only one idea. Videos today can last from 10 to 15 seconds and remain effective.

Hsiao provides another rule that lends itself to mobile videos that have a good impact.

"Most people tend to think of video or narration that ends in a climax," he says. "We say you must save the best for the first."

Pay close attention to the first seconds

The first few seconds should catch the attention of your prospect. Try to remember that you are not doing something for a movie audience that will be patient and interested in seeing everything in your video. These are usually people who run from one place to another with only a few seconds to check their flows. Whether you use images or words, you have to get right to the point.

Last but not least, small businesses that want to make effective video for social media will benefit from the square video format.

This is the recommended format for Instagram and Facebook in part because it occupies nearly 80% more space in any news feed. This means that the videos will attract more visitors.

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