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How to Make Online Ads More Effective 200 to 300 Percent

In the last six months, one of my colleagues and I have been able to reduce the cost of conversion two to three times, from over $ 325 per conversion to less than $ 100. Here is what it looked like:

Pretty impressive, right? If you can reduce your cost per conversion, you can generate more conversions with the same ad budget. So, how did this happen?

What happened?

It is often extremely difficult to link causes and effects in search marketing because there are so many variables that change at the same time. However, this analysis was facilitated by the fact that I made no changes to the campaign in question:

  • Have we changed the landing page? No.
  • New auction strategy? No.
  • New ads? No. We ran the same ads all the time.

I did not do anything at all in the campaign during the period in question, as it was a smaller RLSA campaign on which we did not focus because it did not. did not shelter a ton of expenses.

When I discovered that CPA had dropped so much, I needed to know what was going on. This is not every day an intact countryside is going on like this!

The first thing I checked was to see if CPCs were coming down. This could play an important role in lowering CPA. But as you can see here, the CPC is stable from week to week, with the exception of August where I had to disable the campaign for three weeks for budgetary reasons.

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It was not that click prices were down – it was that conversion rates were increasing . From the 2% range to the 7-8% range over the last few months, as shown here:

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<h2> How did the conversion rates triple so fast? </h2>
<p> Here is what was different: During the period in question, the company launched Facebook advertising campaigns targeting higher-speed audiences corresponding to people with the same interests and demographics as their characters. 39; buyer. The size of the audience was about 20 million people. </p>
<p> We bombed this selected audience group with tons of different videos, announcements, offers, and content. On average, people in the target audience saw ads a little more than 10 times between February and October 2017, as shown here: </p>
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What we are seeing here is that people with stronger brand affinity have higher conversion rates than others, because people tend to buy businesses that they have already heard talk and started to trust.

What does all this mean?

I am a skeptical CRO. I think there are a lot of CROs that are just a pile of smoke and mirrors.

Most of the time, when people talk about conversion rate optimization, they focus first on obvious things like modifying ad pages and landing pages or modify your bids. 200-300% reduction in cost per conversion.

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<p> When it is about increasing the conversion rates and lowering the CPA, the unicorn of all conversion rate optimization hacks is to create a brand affinity for your target audience, for your business. </p>
<p> Quantifying the impact of brand affinity on direct marketing is very difficult to measure, but this case study isolates much of the noise and illustrates the huge impact that it can have on buying decisions. </p>
<p class= Reissued with permission. Original here.

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