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How to quit my job at Google to start my own business was inspiring

How was it to quit Google to launch ThirdLove? originally appeared on Quora – the knowledge-sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique ideas .

Response from Heidi Zak, Co-Founder of ThirdLove, on Quora.

How was it to quit Google to launch ThirdLove?

The Scariest: The scariest thing about leaving Google, is the fact that I gave up a good gig and a salary. I reported to the VP of Marketing of the Americas, I was working on really interesting projects and I loved my colleagues (one of my closest friends is still today somebody whom I have met during my first week of Google). Leaving a good paying job to start a business, without any income, is scary. It took me months of discussion and thought before I took the plunge to launch ThirdLove.

The Most Exciting Part: When you're about to start a business, the world is pink. We had a clear idea of ​​what we would do and the pleasure of starting a business. Then the reality hit … very quickly. Working from a small apartment with my husband and without employees, no real product and just an idea was going to be much more difficult than we thought. The excitement fades a little when you realize what you actually got. More Google, more organic lunches, chair massages to break the day, happy colleagues to have a drink after work. Just you, your co-founder and a great idea.

The Most Inspiring Part: One thing that Google has learned and I will always be grateful for is embracing change. Prior to Google, I had worked for larger, more traditional businesses, where day-to-day things were moving (Bank of America, McKinsey, Aeropostale). In a few months at Google, there has been a reorganization and my role has completely changed. This change has given me the opportunity to work with new people at the corporate level and to take on more responsibilities. I've taught Google to anticipate change and recognize that it creates opportunities. And that, basically, has allowed me to have the confidence to make the jump to start a business.

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