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How to take your business with you around the world

For a long time, many people have dreamed of leaving the lifestyle of luggage by living and working only what can be done in a suitcase and a cabin, while admiring the beauty and culture of world. This dream has never been so real, with the ability to create and manage a business entirely in the cloud, using a laptop, various software, and using the use of virtual services to advance the business. things and keep the profits.

Keep in mind that not all businesses can be fully exploited, or at all by virtual means. For example, a small town business account serving local customers will have a hard time packing their stuff and doing this show on the go, without changing their business model to focus on online customers. . And, obviously, a car mechanic or industrial electrician must be present for his customers in order to make a living.

However, if you have a business like an ecommerce store, a successful blog, an online consulting firm or any other type of service that can help customers in the comfort of the cloud, you'll be pleasantly surprised by To learn there is not much you will need to travel the world while running your business.

Virtual Receptionist

It is obvious that a successful digital nomad will need an excellent international mobile plan, with unlimited calls and data. However, you will still want someone to answer your phone – either permanently, or when travel plans make you temporarily unavailable. A virtual receptionist will not only save you money on your boat, but also improve your profits by increasing your current service levels and making sure you never miss a call on the road. road.

A physical receptionist who takes calls wants to pay to provide them with the space and equipment needed to do the job. Then there are all other expenses such as salary, benefits, overtime, and so on. If they do not show up at work, you lose important calls and / or you lose productivity because of the employee's need for the job – and Murphy's Law dictates that this will happen surely when you will be on the other side of the world!

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A virtual receptionist does not stop working for you at the end of the workday either, and does not charge you for the time between calls. This means that you will not miss calls from other time zones and, overall, the quality of the service you offer will increase exponentially, as calls are always answered and directed quickly, regardless of the volume of the call. # 39; calls.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is different from a virtual receptionist in that you can choose from almost every skill imaginable, although both can be interchangeable as there are many VAs who can perform reception tasks in addition to other tasks. To travel the world and run a successful business, you need to have a range of volunteer counselors who can do the work you can not do, while having qualified people to respond to illness or blockage without a strong Internet connection. when deadlines are imminent, orders must be met or customers need a service.

Do you want someone to calculate all your expenses at the end of the week and put them in an expense report? You guessed it, there is someone there who can do it on order for a reasonable price. How about someone to lighten your daily email burden by filtering your incoming mail according to the importance?

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Jubilee Bridge, Singapore

Virtual address and mailbox

To live and work out of your suitcase, it will be necessary to have a virtual address. There is no sense renting a brick-and-mortar office, or even maintaining a residence at home, you can receive mail during a trip to the world. A virtual address and mailbox service allows you to receive, open and read mail, and to transcribe and retransmit it wherever you may be.

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A virtual address also adds legitimacy to your online brand, with many providers offering choices from hundreds of addresses all over the world. Best, many will offer limited or free access to offices in any country you like while traveling and office needs such as the need for meeting and conference rooms, internet access, printers and fax machines, and facilities to entertain guests.

If you change your address regularly as an avid perpetual traveler, you may want to create Virtual Headquarters at several locations.

Virtual Conference

The virtual conference is a must for a suitcase lifestyle aficionado! Consider savings from long international phone calls, or extra travel time and spending on customers, partners and employees. The last thing you want is that your travel plans are defused because of poor communication between you and your team or customers who live in distant destinations.

Virtual Conferences can be doubly helpful in saving money that you can use to pay for more trips around the world, if you also use virtual team members who need to be able to pay for more money. initial training and continuous coaching. With virtual conferencing, you save on the need and expense of getting to their location or paying someone else to do the training / coaching for you.

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Virtual Team Management Software

Cloud management software allows employees to work in flex and work remotely, which not only saves you the costs associated with a physical desktop for your team, but also to recruit them most qualified members. the world, in the budget, so that you can travel around the world in relative comfort without stress.

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Tools like Asana, Trello and Slack are popular cloud platforms designed to integrate Google's cloud tools, in addition to other popular CRM and team collaboration software on the market, such as SalesForce and Wrike.

A travel bug is eating you up?

Even if you do not have an established online business, there are so many ideas to choose from. Ideas that allow you to earn money in a relatively short time and allow you to hit the road indefinitely while financing your trips through a virtually managed business. It's easier than you think – no regrets!