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How to turn a boring email into an irresistible link pitch

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Building links starts with an email between two people.

More often than not, these are two people who do not know each other. Yes, you know who this person is since you send e-mail, and you think that she will love your content. But be honest, you are completely alien to him.

Now add the fact that she probably has 30 or more emails that are not open in her inbox. How will your email get his attention?

Let's say you have written a catchy line of object that has it open your email immediately. Does this guarantee that she will read your email and give you a link?

Not quite.

She does not know you, she owes you nothing. If you want to get his attention and a link, you must present him your story.

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You can not plant it if it stops reading immediately and from there; you must draw his attention with the first sentence.

And the next.

And the one after.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

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