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How to understand the researcher's intention and use it to stimulate SEO rankings

Search engines exist to provide users with relevant results for the search query. Smart SEO campaigns are based on understanding how your audience searches your industry, products, and services.

A key point here is to understand the intent behind a given keyword search. A user wants to find specific information, and search engines have advanced algorithms and large amounts of traffic that they analyze to determine which results best match a keyword.

Understanding the broad categories of intent is crucial to developing a search engine optimization strategy and content in order to target not just the keywords, but the intent behind the keywords.

In this article, we examine how to understand and categorize keywords based on the intention of providing a solid foundation for your SEO and content marketing.

Understanding the researcher's intent

In many ways, search engine marketing via SEO or paid methods is strategically simple. If you are a plumber in a small town, and someone looking for a "plumber" plus the name of the city, then there is a good chance you will provide what they need. Having people in front of people just when they have a requirement is good marketing.

Unfortunately, commercial terms are very competitive in paid and organic searches. For most businesses, there are other opportunities for branding and targeting customers higher in the marketing funnel. We just need to develop a better understanding of the intent behind the search keywords.

The first step is to understand the three categories of search queries:

Search Search Queries

Have you ever typed "Google.com" or "Facebook.com" in your browser? Or do you simply type "Google" or "Facebook" directly into the address bar? This is a navigation query, a search done for the purpose of going directly to a specific website, or even a page on a site.

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