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How to Use Email to Market and Grow Your Website

Email is one of the best channels you can use to grow your website. By integrating your website and email platforms, you can give your customers a better experience, boost conversions, improve customer retention and get better profits. Therefore, if you aren’t using email for your website or if you have been using it reluctantly, it is time to get started and invest more in email marketing. Contrary to many rumors, email marketing is far from dead. This article from highlights some of the key stats that show email is here to stay and its effectiveness in business. If you are new to email marketing, below are some tips on how you can use it to market and grow your website.

Get Every Visitor to Sign Up

The first step you should take is to ensure you have a sign-up form on your website. However, before you do that, you will have to find the best email marketing service for your website. There are tons of email service providers each offering different packages at a specific price. When shopping for a service provider, look at your budget and the email features. This article on the Sendinblue blog highlights how to compare email marketing features. Some of the features you should look at include email segmentation, email templates, and marketing automation among many others. Sendinblue is a company offering digital marketing tools that cover email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook CRM and others.

Get to Understand Your Subscribers

Once a visitor signs up for your mailing lists, don’t start bombarding them with countless emails even before you know who they are. It is important to understand the interests of the subscribers, where they come from, their gender and age, among many others. You can tell more about their interests by looking at the pages they have visited, services they have signed up for, and products they have bought.

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When you understand your visitors’ interests, you can then send them emails that are relevant. For instance, if someone read an article on how to create a website, an email sharing some of the best tools for website creation may be ideal for them. However, such an email may be irrelevant to someone who browsed business loans topics. Therefore, before you start crafting and sending emails, learn more about segmentation and personalization.

Use Email to Drive Traffic Back to Your Website

This strategy works in two ways. You use your website to gain emails and then you use those emails to drive traffic back to your website. Many website visitors will not return to your site unless you remind them to, and email is a great channel for doing just that. You can use emails to send alerts for new articles or even older content the visitor has not seen recently. In your emails, give a brief of what the article contains and then have a call to action that leads the reader back to your website to read the full article. Other than articles, you could also share deals, news, coupons and any other information on your website the subscriber may have an interest in.

Get Website Feedback Using Emails

Email can be used to collect feedback from people who have visited your website. You can get feedback for your website’s performance, products and services, the reputation of your site, and so much more. Explain to the subscriber why you are conducting the survey, how long it will take and how it will benefit them or others. If you have a freebie or coupon for some or all who take the survey, don’t hesitate to use it. More people will respond to your invitation when there is a price at the end of it.

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Use Email to Get More Social Media Followers

Other than email, social media is another great channel you can use to promote your website. According to this Statista page, the estimated number of active mobile social media users worldwide as of July 2019 was 3.46 billion. The numbers prove that social media is a great place to connect with your target audience. Therefore, if you request your email subscribers to follow you on social media, you will be bringing them closer to your website from another channel. For instance, if you get your email subscribers to like your Facebook page, they will be seeing the website links you share on Facebook and following them back to your site.

Using email to market and grow a website works, but you have to be consistent in your efforts. Additionally, as stated above, you have to take time to better understand your subscribers before sending emails to them. Finally, don’t forget to take into account things such as the headline of your emails, the templates you use, and the content of your mail. Such factors determine whether subscribers will open your email and follow your links back to your website.