The researchers wanted to know if the mere sight of a smartphone was enough to alter the cognitive functioning.
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Would not it be nice that your phone can help you pay? u at least help ease the burden of monthly bills and other expenses? It turns out that there is a way to earn a little return for just owning and using a smartphone.

A handful of companies pay you to install their market research applications on your phone or any other electronic device and pay you for each month, the application remains installed. Some even launch loyalty payments along the way.

Verto Analytics, The Nielsen Company and Survey Savvy are among the leading names in this field, each with its own research programs and associated applications that reward consumers.

Payments and rewards are by no means gigantic – on average $ 5 per month – but in some cases there are bonuses to registration and extra bonuses to stay a participant for a while. long period. For example, Smart Panel, the Verto Analytics program rises to about $ 110 in 12 months, or $ 230 in 24 months, when you factor in loyalty payments.

Here is an overview of each program and what digital experts say to consider before installing any market research applications of any type on your devices. (Only Verto Analytics responded to our requests for comment.)

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Smart Panel

Launched in 2012, Smart Panel is a research project led by Verto Analytics focused on collecting information. about how people use the Internet through computers, smart phones and tablets. The goal is to understand how people interact with each other, as well as with websites, apps, and devices. The program relies on participants agreeing to install the smart app.

"Smart App runs in the background while anonymously and securely collecting statistical data on device usage," said Alison, vice president of marketing for Verto Analytics. Murdock. "The data collected relates to the general use of devices, features, applications and services."

Since its inception, more than a million people have participated in Smart Panel, said Murdock.

Participants are paid $ 5 to register and $ 5 for each month of participation. After 90 days, they receive a fidelity premium of $ 5. After six months, the loyalty bonus increases to $ 10, and after nine months, it becomes $ 15. Each quarter thereafter, there is another $ 15 loyalty bonus. Payments are made via PayPal, or you can opt for Amazon Gift Cards.

Savvy Survey Software

Savvy Connect, founded in 1999, pays people to download its Survey Savvy Software. The software monitors your Internet habits to identify trends, especially those related to online shopping, search and entertainment. (Here are some tips for better internet security.)

The company pays $ 5 per device per month to install software on web-connected devices. (This is a deviation from the Smart Panel payment structure, which does not pay per device). Payments are made by check

In addition to having a thorough privacy policy that needs to be reviewed before signing, the Survey Savvy website indicates that participants may choose to use it occasionally the private browsing mode on their devices. collected during use. However, extended private browsing can have an impact on your participation status.

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Nielsen Mobile Panel

If you are watching TV, you have probably heard of The Nielsen Co. System. In addition to measuring the number of people watching a particular television show, Nielsen measures your activity on your phone, tablet or other mobile device with Nielsen Mobile Panel. Participation in the program involves downloading the Nielsen Mobile app and then using your mobile device as you normally would.

All data collected and transmitted as part of the Nielsen Mobile Panel program is encrypted and anonymous, according to the Nielsen website. The program pays up to $ 50 a year. The payment takes place in the form of Nielsen Mobile Rewards points that can be spent on the Nielsen Mobile Rewards online store, which sells gift cards from Amazon.com, Target and Starbucks. Attendees can also choose to record rewards for larger purchases such as flat screen TVs and digital cameras.

A Few Words of Warning

"Before installing these types of applications, a consumer should really understand the data that they have. it collects, "said Thomas Fischer, a global security advocate for Digital Guardian, a Massachusetts-based data loss prevention software company." Read the description and make sure you understand what will be sent back to the company. "

Fischer, who did not specifically review the applications of this story but gave general advice on the safety of these programs. </ p> <p> also noted the potential of applications to invade your privacy. (You can check your free credit scores for mischief signs on Credit.com.)

"An example might be the capture of your contact data, that's all it takes." they could use r to see who you contact regularly and then start building models of your contacts, or worse, take those contacts and send marketing messages that seem to come from you, "said Fischer.

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In response to such concerns, Murdock of Verto Analytics stated that the company only provides aggregate, projected and non-personal information to the market and fully protects the personal data of consumers. In addition, she said, Verto secures all data with 256-bit encryption and stores information in a silo system that includes multiple physical parts. The result is that business employees can not connect consumers to specific search data.

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