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'HoweyCoin': SEC Trolls Crypto Fraudsters with the OIC's Foolish Campaign

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In a historic embrace of technological innovation, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it would issue its own cryptocurrency – HoweyCoin – through an initial offer of coins (ICO).

Okay, that's not true, but the agency has built a smart campaign designed to teach investors how to identify ICO scams – and drag out fraudsters who continue to exploit them.

The SEC unveiled HoweyCoin in a statement titled "The SEC has an opportunity you will not want to miss: act now!," And symbolic sales documents promise that the coin will take advantage of blockchain technology to revolutionize the company. 39, travel industry.

Excerpt from the eight-page white paper:

"HoweyCoins will spearhead this digital revolution in the travel industry by transmitting cryptocurrencies savings for you.Because of its limited supply and its use in the industry of the trip, this will be the centerpiece of the trip.These savings will be transferred to you and the sooner you get access to the OIC HoweyCoins, the more discounts will be important. "

The website reveals that HoweyCoin is currently in the middle of the ICO presale, giving investors just over two weeks to buy their chips with a 15% discount.

Symbolic sales documents assure investors that they will reap significant returns on their chips – up to two percent per day – with a minimum growth rate comparable to that of high-performance mutual funds .

"HODL! We also expect a minimum growth rate of between 7% and 15% annualized, which makes HoweyCoins attractive for long-term investments.Moreover, HoweyCoins can be used as a GUARANTEE cover against 39, inflation and loss of market. "

HoweyCoin even received support from athletes, influences from social media and other celebrities who are obviously the best authorities on the quality of the underlying technology .

However, the fun ends when potential investors click on the "Buy coins now" link, which directs them to an SEC investor education website that provides them with information on how to "buy coins now". identify and avoid the current scams of ICO.

"The SEC was able to build the HoweyCoins website in a very short time," said the agency in a statement, "which demonstrates how easy it is for someone from create a scam opportunity. "

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