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Huobi says "goodbye" to the Bitcoin industry amidst rumors that it is not over for China

Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Huobi's domestic arm has bid farewell to the industry as it prepares to close Tuesday.

In a blog post, Huobi said that she would reinvent herself as "an integrated provider of information and research services in the vertical field of Blockchain (sic)" dedicated to the Chinese market .

Commenting on the closing, the founder Leon "I believe that it is not only a milestone for Huobi, but also a turning point in the history of Chinese digital assets and even a memorable day in the development. "

While hope remains that China's domestic traders will have new access to trade, the country's big names such as BTCChina, OKCoin and D & # 39; all others will disappear from November 1. 194590 03]

This week has seen rumors that Chinese investors may be able to use the international sister platforms of Huobi and OKCoin to The future when they will launch p2p Bitcoin-to-fiat trading.Information however only comes in the form of implication.Lie continued:

"In the past, the Huobi brand in China has been an important symbol being in the digital asset industry. In the future […] the Huobi team will continue to participate actively and globally in the development of the industry. "

An interim measure has seen Chinese traders come back en masse on P2P platforms, mainly LocalBitcoins, whose use has swelled for the second time this year.

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<p dir= Li concluded by thanking users and reiterating the desire to take advantage of the benefits of China's regulatory repression:

"With your confidence and your talent, I believe all the challenges that Huobi faces today may be opportunities. "

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