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HydroMiner approaches the conclusion of the ICO with record success

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HydroMiner is the new reference of Austrian ICOs

Start-up of a green energy encryption company HydroMiner continues to witness a strong subscription to its sale of H2O Tokens in progress, already beating several records with more than two days remaining on his ICO .

At the time of writing on November 12, HydroMiner ICO had already sold more than 958,000 H2O chips, raising more than 8,000 ETH (currently valued at over 2.45 million USD) in just 25 days.

This impressive performance places HydroMiner among the successful ICOs that were launched in Austria. It surpasses the $ 2 million raised by the first Austrian ICO (an e-sports betting platform) in October. Austria asserts itself as a destination of choice in Europe.

The unbelievable demand for H2O tokens appeared on the first day of the ICO, which drew hundreds of attendees in the early moments, buying chips of value of 1,874 ETH in just 30 minutes .

The viability of HydroMiner makes it an attractive opportunity

It was obvious from the beginning that HydroMiner ICO would be one of the most unique opportunities to present itself among blockchain companies, with its mission of a respectful hydropower solution to the environment aimed to open the complex world of crypto extraction to the public.

With an existing operation providing the basis for profitability projections with real-world comparisons to alternatives such as mining and home-based mining, the HydroMiner team presents a realistic business plan with a long term perspective.

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The openness and transparency are the key to tremendous support

Led by sisters Nadine and Nicole Damblon, the HydroMiner management sets the standard for an open and transparent ICO, with a regular face time with its community, through interviews and previews of their facilities. They are one of the very few ICO projects to fully welcome participants and supporters to visit their mining facilities in Austria, thus ensuring that the project actually exists.

They also made HydroMiner's proponents aware of developments quickly, especially when the tokenized profit model was revised to better reflect regulatory compliance.

The Damblons and their team also participated in blockchain conferences throughout the year, ensuring that the HydroMiner project profile continues to be public and bringing their vision to the masses.

Regulatory Insurance for Increased Confidence and Confidence

The increase in the demand for H2O chips during the OIC is probably due in part to HydroMiner's commitment to making its operation a success. long-term sustainability in terms of legitimacy and sustainability.

Since the conclusion of the pre-sale, HydroMiner has worked tirelessly to protect its investors by ensuring that HydroMiner would be able to operate for many years, generating value for all stakeholders, token holders and communities that it aims to support.

By engaging Stadler Völkel, Austrian law firm and regulatory expert of the ICO, HydroMiner has demonstrated its willingness to be fully prepared to navigate an ever-changing environment of regulatory, financial and legal frameworks. He recognizes that IFAs are a new financial tool that must be proactive to comply with regulations that often change quickly.

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Participate in one of the most unique ICOs of the lucrative industry of crypto mining

Within 70 hours of the term, it is not too late to recover your share of the HydroMiner H2O tokens at his sale of chips . From there, all contributors will have to accept the terms and conditions, and add to the whitelist Ethereum address and emails intended to be used. Contributions not included in the whitelist will not be recognized.

Those who contribute by November 15 will still receive a 5% bonus on all token purchases.

About HydroMiner, the start-up of the green cryptomonnaie mining industry

HydroMiner was born a little over a year ago as a modest mining facility led by sisters Nadine and Nicole Damblon in their own apartments in Austria. It has since become a large-scale mining operation fueled by carbon-neutral hydropower plants in the Austrian Alps.

It is there that they found the idea of ​​solving the unsustainability of a mining industry increasingly greedy energy, because of the exponential growth of difficulties. Austria is the world leader in renewable energy, generating the most renewable energy among the EU countries. Currently, more than 670 hydroelectric power stations and 1,800 small hydropower plants generate more than 60% of Austrian electricity.

Hydroelectric power is not only cheaper, but it also saves money when used as part of a cooling system. river water. It also has a carbon footprint that is 100 times lower than that of conventional fossil fuels.

The IMO of HydroMiner

HydroMiner currently operates two hydroelectric power plants near Vienna, the capital of Austria.

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The sale of HydroMiner tokens aims to raise funds to finance the expansion of mining capacity through the leasing of several hydroelectric plants. Its token model will also allow investors to participate in a first-rate initiative in the field of environmentally friendly cryptographic exploitation.

Press contact

Philip Dimitrov
CMO, HydroMiner
[email protected]