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'I remain very skeptical': Jamie Dimon breaks the silence on Bitcoin as the launch of the Futures

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JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is famous for his bitcoin attacks, but the vocal bitcoin critic was largely silent. the flagship cryptocurrency in the last two months.

Jamie Dimon remains skeptical about Bitcoin

However, he broke that silence this week, by issuing a short, muted statement that he had not changed his views on bitcoin or d & # 39; other decentralized cryptocurrencies.

"Look, everyone has a personal opinion about Bitcoin, I'm very skeptical about it, but as I said before, I'm open to cryptocurrency if they are properly controlled and regulated, "explains Dimon to the CNBC in a statement

This seems to be the first time Dimon has spoken publicly about bitcoin in about two months. Earlier in the year, he made the headlines by calling bitcoin a " fraud " which is " is worthless ] "and only bought by" stupid "investors.

In mid-October, Dimon swore to stop talking about bitcoin – a promise that lasted exactly one day. However, as a result of this brief relapse, he remained largely silent on bitcoin in November and early December, perhaps because of the 200 percent rally that Bitcoin gathered in the meantime.

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Put your money where your mouth is

However, now – unlike the times – Dimon has the ability to demonstrate the sincerity of his bearish outlook by bypassing bitcoin because CBOE has launched bitcoin futures earlier this week. Until now, however, it does not appear that Dimon, nor anyone else, has taken any significant short positions in the CBOE markets.

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Commenting on this fact, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss – co-founders of cryptocurrency trade Gemini, whose daily auction price serves as a basis for CBOE's futures – encourage Dimon to "put his money where he is "so to speak.

"We are only waiting for Jamie Dimon to put your money where your mouth is," said the Winklevoss twins, according to an analyst Bloomberg .