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Ice cream, haircuts and flowers – Intuit celebrates the success of small businesses

Imagine being at a party where barbers, ice cream shops and 3 bands meet. On the occasion of SXSW 2018, Intuit has assembled an eclectic mix of small businesses to celebrate the success of small businesses. Read our pre-cover of the Intuit celebration here.

We met three extraordinary entrepreneurs and got their advice for YOUR business.

First, I interviewed the founder of Shed Barber and Supply. We discussed challenges related to scaling a business. Check out our full interview here. Chris Applegate, founder, said that it is so important to get help as you evolve.

I also had a good conversation with Emily, who manages marketing for Haley's cakes and cookies. Check out our interview here. Emily said that one of the many things that she does is create videos that people will want to share – viral videos.

While interviewing Chris from East Side King, he shared the importance of having a business culture. One of the biggest challenges that growing companies face is the "fight" for talent. If you have a business for which people want to work, you will be able to attract the right talent to help you grow and grow. Watch our interview here.

Intuit is on a mission to help self-employed and small business owners succeed.

Image: Ramon Ray

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