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(+) ICO Analysis: Neuromation

"Neuromation is a distributed synthetic data platform for deep learning applications.Unlock the computing ability of game evolution for wide adoption of AI"

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A few weeks ago, like most people, I had no idea what that meant. Since I started doing research on this project, my eyes have been opened and my mind has flown away. Three key definitions to help understand the project.

Synthetic Data : No matter what production doata applicable to a given situation, not obtained by direct measurement.

Neural Network AI : A group of interconnected nodes, similar to the large network of neurons in a brain.

Machine Learning : AI that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. Solve giant mathematical problems and self-adaptive when exposed to new data. The process is similar to data mining.

Neuromation is the place where data scientists and businesses can meet all their needs for IA data analysis faster and cheaper than anywhere in the world. This is possible because they reward the GPU miners for using their computing power to extract these synthetic data. Once the synthetic data is generated, scientists can specify how they want to train their machines to analyze the data in record time on a separate group of nodes.

Here is how neuromation is described

"Neuromation is a technology platform that creates synthetic learning environments for deep learning of the neural network that are then used to form better algorithms.

We build the distributed computing platform to create artificial worlds where AI algorithms are formed on simulated sensory inputs. These synthetic worlds also have an almost infinite supply of perfectly labeled training data. The AI ​​plays, as with video games, to learn specific tasks in the real world.

Our technology is essential to make deep learning-based systems useful in the real world when they are used by the industry. With Neuromation, the future has arrived where computers learn to perceive computers.

Our strategy is not to develop our platform in isolation, but to work with partners in certain industries to try to bring our vision to life. We are developing "neuromation labs" that would develop synthetic data and form deep learning models on live applications. Each "laboratory" like Retail Automation Lab, Laboratory of Industrial Automation, Pharma / Medicine / Biotech Lab will be a study on a specific problem in partnership with a leader. As our platform is expanded, we will move parts of the production and training, which will allow us to organically test parts of our vision in real-world scenarios. The Labs will launch the Neuromation platform market with a first data generator and datasets. We will also encourage our laboratory partners to transact more services across the platform, building the initial market for services. "

The token

To complete a transaction on the platform, you must use Neurotokens. To make it easy, Neuromation will provide a portal with a process of buying tokens in one click. The platform offers 5 services; Data generation, data labeling, data purchasing, model training and model purchasing. The price that customers pay for each service will depend on the cost of the nodes. The platform will determine the resources required for each task, then select the most efficient node pool (minimizing the cost to the client, while making it extremely cost-effective for the nodes / miners.) This brings me to the juice of this project. ]

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Mining knowledge in place of ETH : The reason that the generations of synthetic data sets have not yet been widely adopted is due to the fact that it is not the same. huge deficiency of computing power. Neuromation plans to change this by offering cryptocurrency miners GPU 3-5 times what they do per hour mining encryption, to the Neuro mine (synthetic data / machine learning) instead How it works is in addition to their existing mining software load a node neuromation calculation. This node is special because it allows the miners to exploit their normal crypto-currency until Neuromation has an available task, at which time the miners will go to the mining neuro until the task is completed. completed.

As I believe this is the heart of the project, I sent an email to the neuromation team and I asked them to describe in more detail how their mining system works. / node. Here's what they said.

"To exploit neurotoken, you will need to load our node.If your system is eligible (depending on the processing capacity, the bandwidth), the node will activate and wait for the tasks. Support the available tasks when they win an internal auction This auction is organized in several levels, levels are numbered from 0 to 4. Level 0 nodes get higher priority (auction) first tries to divide the task between the lower level nodes) then the level 1 nodes and so on When our token sale is in progress, only the level 4 nodes will be available.

We have a program where minors can invest various amounts in pre-sales and secure a number of lower-level nodes. It is:

– 3000 Ether for level 0 (500 knot keys)
– 1,000 Ether for level 1 (100 knot keys)
– 600 Ether for level 2 (100 knot keys)
– 200 Ether for Level 3 (50 Knot Keys) "

Why Blockchain ? Today, if a data seeker wants to have access to a large amount of computing power, he can go to Amazon and pay for it. They will charge him 12 times what it costs the GPU miners to generate it. This is a giant opportunity for Neuromation to enter.

Distribution of chips

60 million of the total offer of 100 million will be sold during the ICO.

basic price = 0.001 or 0.30 cents per chip + bonus

The presale is currently running until November 28 (25% bonus). you have to register whitelist

The regular ICO begins November 28 and lasts 4 weeks:

week 1 (15% bonus) week 2 (10%) week 3 (5%)

Important to note: Over the next 3 years, neuromation will burn 50% of the total supply!

2018 = 30% 2019 = 20% 2020 = 10% (hmm, that's actually 60%, I think they made a mistake)

The team

This is a very talented team. They do a lot of work. Win competitions, attend conferences and form partnerships (, TaaS).

CEO – Max Prasolov has been a great time player since 2001. Here is a short informative interview that he recently made. I'm just going to copy and paste his introduction to the rest of his team. Note, I have appeared quite deep in each of these guys, everything legit, max just did a good job summing them up, I will use his words.

"I am a serial entrepreneur and a TOP manager with 15 years of experience in different sectors, from mining natural resources to industrial multimedia development." I was part of the team who did an IPO of the iron ore company, blue chip on the London Stock Exchange.But all my life, I've been in love with graphic novels and animation. wrote and produced several animated films.Making them, I discovered that AI can be formed by showing cartoons.This metaphor is very close to what we do in Neuromation.

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I am happy to work with very intelligent and talented people involved in our business. Our mentor and advisor Andrew Rabinovich, who is a creator of the key algorithm for deep learning Google's image. My partner, investor and founder of Neuromation Constantine Goltcev, who believes in me from the beginning and brings powerful engineers to our team. A scientist and mathematician deep learning Sergey Nikolenko, who verifies our crazy ideas with the proof of the scientific method.

Fedor Savchenko, an experienced CGI expert who creates a synthetic data generator. Kyryl Truskovskyi, a talented researcher and engineer, who implements our assumptions in in-depth learning applications. Denis Popov, former technical director of Viewdle, helps us recruit the best software developers in the world. All of these people are my partners and shareholders at Neuromation "


They have 2 absolute beasts on their advisory committee.

Andrew Rabinovich – has been studying machine learning for more than 15 years. has many patents and peer-reviewed publication. He is the Director of Deep Learning at Google, Magic Leap !!

David Orban (Singularity University) apparently this guy has been a big problem for the past 20 years. He is really good at neuring neuring.


Because it costs so much to the "mine of knowledge", this futuristic giant AI market has not yet taken off. Neuromation has the answer. They incorporate the mathematical power of blockchain miners to make synthetic data extraction and machine training cheaper and faster than ever before. It is now possible that in the near future, thousands of in-depth learning projects and b2b clients will use neuromation to develop things we have not even heard of yet.

The team already has many labs underway and has recently touted its new Retail Lab, which already provides "image recognition services to major retail brands"

When one only reads the formal explanations of the synthetic learning of data machines, it can be difficult to understand the changes that this may have to the whole of our system. I recommend watching videos on YouTube demonstrating the power of these self-learning machines.


  • It will take millions of micro-transactions for this platform to work once fully operational. Like any project in the space right now, scalability is still a giant problem. I sent an email to the team asking him how they were planning to deal with this situation, their response: "We are looking at HashGraph currently. EOS is also an option. For version 1 of the platform, we will make a sale internally on our system and not on the blockchain, so the volume of transactions will not be a problem until the end of 2018. For now, we will probably use HashGraph . "
  • The data is the new oil, and there will be companies that will aggressively compete in all sectors. Fortunately for Neuromation, and their extra-cheap / fast computing power, they are far ahead of the pack when it comes to exploring knowledge.
  • If they can not get the miners to adapt their knots, then the project dies. I do not think it will be difficult to tip them over if neuros pay better than anything else
  • With the moment this ICO comes out in this range, they may not sell enough chips to reach their end goal (which requires 60k eth) worldwide adoption.
  • These machines are already learning things from these synthetic data that no human has ever thought of before. It's weird.
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Growth potential

  • Truly Unlimited
  • Neuromation plans to open a business automation lab where the synthetic data approach will help implement solutions in the manufacturing, supply chain, manufacturing and manufacturing industries. financial services and agriculture, to name just a few.
  • According to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions in retail will be managed by artificial intelligence.
  • Here is a neuromation quote that sums up their potential better than I can.

"What is particularly fascinating is that in just a month of work on the problem of inventory recognition, we achieved a 95% accuracy, result that others have spent millions of years. "Significantly, the model works well on real data without seeing anything other than synthetic datasets during training.This breakthrough proves viability and the efficiency of our approach: With the Neuromation platform, the gateway to an easy-to-scale AI training will finally be opened.

The potential demand for image-only recognition in the retail sector is huge
That's more than 40 billion images per year, according to the ECR research of 72 of the most large retailers and suppliers. Going further, we plan to create datasets that mimic human interaction with the board. We will be able to track the flow and the intention of the customers, creating a complete simulator of the retail store, with a multitude of possible applications "


I must admit that after watching many demonstrations of neural networks on YouTube, I feel like a teenager who has just touched his first real life. My mind is filled with wonder and astonishment. That being said, you should do your own research. I am clearly struck and I could rank it too high.

This project is unique, revolutionary and cheaper / faster than any competitor. The science that they are accelerating with these big data mines could change the world in many ways. If they develop their community and bring these miners to change their GPU power, the possibilities are endless. With only 0.30 more bonuses and a lower bid of only 100 million, I feel very comfortable recommending this ICO. I will not sell it either soon either. This is a newborn giraffe, with the sexy genes that she has got from her mother! 8.7 out of 10

Details of investment

  • Symbol : NEURO
  • Presale : Now until November 28th join the white list here
  • Opening of the auction : Nov. 28
  • End date : January 1, 2018
  • Procurement : 100 million .001 eth by bonus +

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