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ICO Spectiv virtual reality advertising technician receives over a million dollars in presale

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Spectiv VR

The virtual reality streaming platform Spectiv has just closed its first private presale, where Tokens Signaux have been sold for a total of 3,548 ETH, 32 BTC and 58,000 USD. Spectiv is a dedicated VR multimedia platform where users can broadcast their VR video experiences to the world, and where others can enjoy these experiences in the comfort of their homes. This is a niche streaming platform similar to Twitch, but with a focus on VR content. Learn more about it here:

Signal Tokens

Tokens signals will be used on the Spectiv platform to directly connect advertisers to attentive influencers. This is achieved through Spectiv's 'Smart Advertising Campaigns', which advertisers can use to directly reward viewers, publishers and curators to draw attention to their ads. Each ad and click on the ad is communicated to the smart contract of the ad campaign, which then autonomously rewards the signal tokens.

The signal token protocol is not limited to the Spectiv platform; it's open-source. The protocol is designed for any media platform to adopt and implement. Spectiv brings integral value to this protocol by acting as the pioneer and first use case, providing a base layer for other media platforms to leverage and build. This pragmatic approach to creating tokens could bridge the gap between blockchain theory and real utility.

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Successful Presale

The Spectiv presale was made in partnership with Sutton Stone exclusively for the first supporters of the project. The presale participants had to take the qualifying exams in accordance with OFAC and other KYC controls. All presale attendees engaged in a customized SAFT with Spectiv, LLC. All pre-sale transactions have been verified and verified by Baker Tilly, a global accounting firm. This presale was conducted with a pioneering standard for safety and regulatory awareness. Symbolic presale products have recently been released and are being used to build the alpha platform and raise public awareness of the project. The selling period for open tokens must begin on December 8, 2017.

Launch of the platform Spectiv Alpha

Spectiv is currently focusing on the development of its VR streaming platform, which should be released in early November. The V1 Alpha will support VR content download, viewing, user accounts, and more. This means that token buyers will have the opportunity to use the platform well before the sale on December 8th. Check out the current product demo here:

Structure of Business and Law

Since the presale, Spectiv hired an additional developer, an external finance director, and moved into an office space directly in front of their cryptocovery partner Sutton Stone. In preparation for the open sale, Spectiv is structuring the business entities concerned to comply with existing / unreported government regulations. This includes the establishment of a Mauritian corporate vehicle used to support the sale of chips in this jurisdiction. Spectiv will be the second major project to be the subject of this process in partnership with Sutton Stone.

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Possibilities for the purchase of tokens

Signal tokens can be purchased at a fixed price of $ 0.50 each, with pre-registration bonus opportunities for qualified participants. The sale will have a maximum expected receipt of $ 40 million in signal chips. This open sale will be hosted on on December 8, 2017. Sign up for the mailing list on the homepage of their website at

Contact [email protected] for requests to purchase private tokens and bonuses.