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Imminent death experience changes perspective of success

Sometimes major events in life, such as near-death experiences, can help entrepreneurs find a much needed perspective of what success means to them. That was the case of Rand Leeb-du Toit.

Said Leeb-from the Roof, "If you were on your death bed in 18 months from now, and there was no return.That's all.You're on a ticket one way from here, and you ask yourself this deep and meaningful question at that time, did I do what I wanted to do, did I do what really mattered to me in my life? can answer unequivocally, "Yes, absolutely," then that is what is success. "

Leeb-du Toit is a coach, speaker, founder of EXOscalr and author of the new book Fierce Reinvention, which is a guide to being fierce in entrepreneurship and succeeding as a leader.

I've had the opportunity to talk recently to Leeb-du Toit. During our interview, he shared some tips for entrepreneurs with his own story of fierce reinvention.

See the full interview here …

Here are the tips for entrepreneurs Rand shared in our discussion.

An Imminent Death Experience Alters Your Perspective

Leeb-du Toit explained, "I am essentially a serial entrepreneur and a former venture capitalist and I was working for one of the largest research and consulting firms at one point in 2014 and I was I suffered from a sudden cardiac death massive trigger event for me to contemplate what I should do with my life.The result of this was a year later, I left this company, has started EXOscalr with vision and quest to help people get on the right track of their life.I hesitate to call me an executive coach, a leadership coach, a guide, a spiritual guide. That's all of the above. "

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<h3> Stop and think </h3>
<p> It's easy to get caught up in the daily whirlwind of corporate ownership and forget about the big picture. When this happens, Leeb-du Toit recommends taking a break to reset your brain. </p>
<p> He said, "Once you stop for a moment, you stop this hustle and bustle, and I do not say that you have to stop it completely. I'm just staying out, whether it's a micro break or a few days hike or a retreat. "</p>
<h3> Fear of fear </h3>
<p> Making major changes in life or in business can be scary. So instead of fighting this, use it to boost your journey. </p>
<p> Leeb-du Toit said, "What are you so afraid to stop and think? What will emerge for you? And it's also the real challenge, once you understand that fear does not control you and that you are able to live with it to make it happen and manage it and that's a big part of the process that I work with my clients through is loving their fear and their harness and then turning that into energy. "</p>
<h3> Do you hold responsible </h3>
<p> From there, you need real systems to make the changes you want to make. Leeb-du Toit calls this an operating system. Essentially, it's a road map for your main goals. </p>
<p> Leeb-du Toit said: "You are building an operating system, which starts with your very high level of consequence objectives and starts mapping that, until you go be daily dong over a period of time and you start mapping and checking on yourself.Be being accountable to yourself, your coach or guide or friend, am I on the right track? are not on the right track, how can I recalibrate to get back on track? "</p>
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