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Impressive Recovery Crypto Market Views

After the roller coaster of a weekend, in which many cryptocurrencies recorded significant losses, the crypto-market experienced an almost complete recovery, with many currencies recording double-digit gains. Overall, crypto continues its upward run, crossing the $ 400 billion mark, with a total market capitalization of more than $ 440 billion for all cryptocurrencies.

CBOE Bitcoin Futures Arrive in the Markets Today

BTC prices fell over the weekend, falling from a record high of over $ 16,800 to under $ 13,000. However, Bitcoin has since recovered, rising more than 20% and trading above $ 16,000 this morning. The recent price spike could be attributed in part to the Bitcoin futures market, as CBOE begins offering its futures today.

Highly volatile investment product. Your capital is at risk. This is not an investment advice.

Litecoin sees the rise in prices

The top 20 cryptocurrencies posted gains in the last 24 hours and many posted double-digit gains. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold and NEM all climbed above 20% and Litecoin showed gains of more than 16%, approaching its record of $ 162. Ethereum Classic also climbed more than 10%.

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