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In the news: Big business tools are now available for small businesses

Technology gives small businesses advantages that only large companies previously enjoyed. This week, many businesses serving small businesses have released new tools to help businesses like yours bridge the technological gap.

QuickBooks has released a new platform for accountants to manage small businesses. Salesforce and Salesfloor each have new products to help browsers become customers. And Wix has a new logo tool to boost your marketing efforts.

There is all this and a lot of things are happening this week. Take a look at all the headlines of this week's small business newsletter and information.


QuickBooks Accountant Provision Apps Small Business and Financial Advisors

The new version of Intuit's QuickBooks Accountant Apps program (NASDAQ: INTU) gives accountants a platform to make the best-rated applications available to their clients. QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program Accountants can now provision, purchase and manage applications recommended by accounting professionals and fully compatible with the QuickBooks product suite

Marketing Tips

Wix now has a logo maker for small businesses

The new Wix logo creator (NASDAQ: WIX) gives small businesses the opportunity to create a free logo to boost their marketing efforts. Thousands of small businesses rely on Wix and its website creation platform to create their site. With the Wix Logo Maker, you will be able to create a logo designed by you to match your brand and customizable to be displayed on different platforms.

The new PicMonkey focuses on selling to small businesses

PicMonkey announced a new visual communication platform looking for space between Adobe and Canva. The Missing Center is a $ 5 billion, addressable emerging market that can serve both individuals and professionals, including individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and social media teams.

Trends in Retail Trade

Customer returns are 28% according to opinion polls

The holiday season of the end of 2017 saw the return of 28% of gifts purchased, worth $ 90 billion. The new infographic, report and survey of RedStag Fulfillment and Optro examines not only the return rates of gifts, but also their impact on businesses.

Paysafe and Verifone offer a mobile point of sale to restaurants and small retailers

A new partnership between Verifone (NYSE: PAY) and Paysafe will provide fast service to restaurants and small and medium businesses across the United States with innovative payment solutions. Paysafe is a global provider of payment solutions, while Verifone specializes in connecting payment devices to the cloud.

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Salesforce Essentials Provides Small Business-Level Tools

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) just announced the release of Essentials providing small businesses for the first time a variety of applications for what the company calls the world's first platform of CRM. Sales Cloud Essentials and Service Cloud Essentials are the first Salesforce Essential apps available.

SALESmanago offers entrepreneurs one of its marketing tools for free

SALESmanago offers a unique tool of free marketing automation to young entrepreneurs and startups from all sectors. The SALESmanago offer is invaluable for individuals and businesses who are starting their entrepreneurial venture. And with digital presence now a key element for business success, the use of digital channels for your marketing is essential.


Small businesses add 68,000 jobs in February

With 10,000 more jobs than in January, the ADP report on small business shows that employment in the private sector increased by 68,000 in February. February 2018 ADP Report on Small Business The ADP Report (NASDAQ: ADP) highlights the importance of small businesses for their contribution to the country's overall economy.


March Madness Attracts Your Employees' Attention to Work, According to Surveys

Madness began. And if you have millennials, chances are the NCAA men's basketball tournament distracts them. Employee Productivity During March Madness You will probably see the famous basketball tournament racks floating around your desk.

Small advertising projector

Spotlight: How a company wants to go from selling socks to changing the world

Some companies start with a major change or innovation. Others start with something small – like a sock. The Cause International is an example of the latter. But if the idea started small, the team still hopes that it can have a big impact. The clothing company puts a major focus on the surrender of life to communities around the world, from Chicago to Guatemala.

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Small Business Loans

According to the Government, most poultry farms are NOT small businesses and can not obtain SBA loans

An assessment by the Office of the Inspector General of the Small Business Administration for loans to poultry farmers and producers concluded that most do not meet the regulatory requirements and SBA requirements of # 39; s eligibility.

The American Chamber of Commerce supports a new bill to help businesses on Main Street

The US Chamber of Commerce sent a "key vote" letter to the Senate in support of S.2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Protection of Human Rights Act. consumers. The bill aims to provide regulatory relief to community banks following the widespread application of financial regulation as a result of the 2008 financial crisis.

Small Business Operations

BlueJeans Update Meeting Platform, Can Your Small Business Team Benefit?

BlueJeans has redesigned and updated its meeting platform with a new user experience to better serve the collaborative workforce of today – including your small team. companies. The latest BlueJeans desktop app has been developed and then tested with thousands of users to make sure it comes with the new features.

Social Networks

The new YouTube studio offers more information about your Small Business channel

The new YouTube Studio is finally here. YouTube Studio is no longer in beta YouTube Studio offers a new dashboard and three new statistics to help you evaluate the popularity of your videos uploaded to the site. The tools help you manage your videos and all the other activities on your channels. These updates were launched in beta a short time ago.


Cracking the Code on the Law on Tax and Employment Reductions: How It Will Affect Your Business

Normally, at this time of year, individuals and small business owners focus solely on their 2017 taxes. But with the passage of the radical tax revision, this is not a ordinary year. The law on tax cuts and jobs applies from your statement of 2018 and beyond, but the changes are so important that it is important to understand the bill and its impact on your small business.

Lawyers and law firms do not see the benefits of federal tax cuts

Law firms do not jump out of joy like many other small businesses because of the recent adoption of a new tax law. The law on tax cuts and jobs includes a lot of deductions and changes that could benefit small businesses in various industries. But it also imposes new limits on deductions that may be particularly relevant to law firms.

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Technological Trends

Kradle Launches Small Business Management Software

Kradle announces a new software package designed to help small and medium-sized businesses in all industries manage their operations. The company claims its product as a self-managed software allowing businesses to reach their competitive potential.

The application of the Microsoft iOS camera turns business cards into contacts

The application of the Microsoft Pix camera for your iPhone now has a professional function. The application allows you to scan the business card of a contact you just met. It takes the information on this business card and updates your contact data for that person. The application also analyzes LinkedIn to find the profile of the new sales contact so you can connect.

Only 20% of tech jobs are owned by women, how about your company? (INFOGRAPHIC)

After a long recession, the technology industry finally seems to be back in business. Surprisingly, however, it did not bring joy for techie women. Women in technology statistics According to data compiled by Evia, women make up less than 20% of US technology jobs, even though they make up more than half of the US workforce. Photo via Shutterstock