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In the news: Slack, Zoho unveil new features and offers

If you use tools like Slack to communicate and collaborate with your team, new and innovative features can make a big difference in the success of your projects. And Slack has just unveiled a new feature that allows you to share control of your screen with the members of the team.

But Slack is not the only tool available to help you collaborate and manage projects. Zoho has just launched a new project management application for functions such as scheduling and tracking shipments. Read about these updates and other information in this week 's Small Business Trends news and information newsletter.

Small Business Operations

Slack literally lets you share control of your screen for team collaborations

A new Slack Screen Sharing feature will expand the platform's collaboration capabilities by allowing small business teams, freelancers and customers to work together as they're in the same piece. Slack has just announced that users can now invite their colleagues to write, code, design and simply work together from a shared screen to contribute.

ZOHO Sprints is the latest agile project management application for small businesses

If your small business is busy with potentially deliverable products, planning and tracking these shipments can be much easier and more effective for your team. Zoho Corporation, a provider of enterprise management software (SaaS), has launched a new agile project management application called Zoho Sprints.

Amazon, Stripe, Google Brand List Small Businesses Make the Most Trust in the Index

When it comes to the brand names that small businesses trust the most, Amazon, Stripe and Google top the list. Confidence index aligned with the third quarter of 2017 C & # 39; is the result of the report on the third quarter SMB confidence index (PDF) Alignable. The company surveyed 42,000 small businesses to gauge their level of trust in other brands that help small businesses.

Brian Solis discusses the evolution of the customer experience at NextCon17

We live in a time of continual disruption. One wave follows another. And with good comes the challenges.

Nextiva CEO presents NextOS, offers advice for a better customer experience

Technical tools can help you create great customer experiences. And a new Nextiva platform, NextOS, aims to help businesses do just that. NextOS is a complete operating system for businesses. It includes a customer relationship management system, a chat feature, a survey platform, enhanced analytics and more.

DHL Express for Shopify handles international shipping for online sales

International sales have become easier and more affordable. Canadian e-commerce company Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) is associated with DHL Express to help you access the growing global retail market. You can now ship with the same premium carrier as major retailers use, with guaranteed express delivery, negotiated shipping rates and service in more than 220 countries.

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Cloud Tech Has Small Accounting Firms Optimistic About The Future

The cloud is transforming the accounting industry and the role of CPA and right now they are feeling rather optimistic about their future. Right Networks Survey on the Impact of the Cloud A survey conducted by Right Networks found that more than half of the 364 small accounting firms and other accounting professionals polled were optimistic, in a way, about of the economy.

Obamacare copper plans may offer 18 percent lower cost for small businesses

If Obamacare continues to be part of the health debate in 2018, the Copper plan is a way to stay covered and avoid any warrant penalties. Obamacare Copper Plans Last week, a bipartisan group of Senators introduced a law, increasing access to the care of the law, which would create so-called copper plans in the Care Act exchanges affordable.

PayPal Preferred Small Business Reports 21% Increase in Revenue

PayPal's third quarter 2017 result indicates a 21% increase in its revenue to $ 3.399 billion. Currently, the favorite of small businesses for online payments (NASDAQ: PYPL) has 218 million active users in 200 markets worldwide, performing financial transactions online, on mobile, in an application or in person.

The majority of American workers will be freelancers by 2027, according to a report

Did you know that by 2027, most workers in the United States will be freelancers, enjoying the flexibility and freedom of being their own boss? This is the conclusion of the report "Freelancing in America: 2017", jointly commissioned by Upwork and Freelancers Union.


MetLife and IBM Join Forces to Enhance Medicare Options for Small Businesses

MetLife (NYSE: MET) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) have teamed up to offer a new digital healthcare option to small businesses with IBM Health Care Insurance. With this unique platform, MetLife can administer and maintain insurance policies for small businesses on IBM Cloud.

A small grocery chain sells business to employees

After 88 years of existence, the family-owned Buehler & # 39; s Fresh Foods sells the business, not to a former buyer, to its employees. Through an Employee Ownership Program (ESOP), the small grocery chain of Ohio sells its 13 supermarkets to its eligible employees. The new company will be led by three seasoned executives from the small grocery store brand.

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7-Year Financial Tips That Your Small Business Should Consider

It is important to take a look at where your small business is at the end of the year. These end – of – year tips for small businesses can help you make sure your small business is doing well as the New Year approaches.

SBA's redesigned lender matching tool seeks to connect more small businesses with loans

The online Lender Match reference tool recently announced by the Small Business Administration (SBA) was created to simplify the process of connecting lenders and borrowers. Lender Match formerly called LINC (Leveraging Information and Networks to Access Capital), which was launched in 2015.

Local Marketing

10 brilliant ways Unskilled businesses can celebrate small businesses on Saturday

Small Biz Saturday is not just for retail businesses. Even service providers and other types of small businesses can have fun. Small Biz Saturday is November 25 this year and it's a day when shoppers are looking to spend their money on businesses like yours, in particular.

Marketing Tips

At NextCon17, Carol Roth Suggests Ways to Create Customer Loyalty 3.0

There is no doubt that today 's small businesses need to fight harder to maintain customer loyalty. At the NextCon17 conference hosted by Nextiva, a cloud communications company in Scottsdale, Arizona, from October 23-25, 2017, the customer experience was certainly at the center of attention.

Add 2 additional sources of revenue through the new CorpNet Partnership Program

Does your small business help other entrepreneurs start their own businesses? CorpNet has created a new partnership program designed to help you manage business training and compliance for your customers. At the same time, you can become a Corpnet reseller or reference partner to increase your revenue.

Small advertising projector

Spotlight: The urban brick pizza stands out in a crowded market

The pizza market is already pretty saturated. But that does not mean that there are no new opportunities in the industry. Companies like Urban Bricks Pizza are still finding new ways to differentiate their offerings. You can read more about Urban Bricks Pizza and how the company stands out in this week's Small Business Spotlight.

Social Networks

Data show the value of LinkedIn as a tool for networking, branding (INFOGRAPHIC)

In 2003, when LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) was launched, it was primarily used for job search. Many things have changed since then. Today, it is widely used for networking and personal branding. This new idea comes from data collected by NumberSleuth, a company helping to uncover details about the number of your incoming calls.

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48 percent of millennials want to be part of the startup trend, according to a survey

Millennials are changing the way people work and run their businesses. And as they also become entrepreneurs and small business owners, their approach will change the status quo again. The third annual publication of First Citizens Bank Small Business Forecast indicates that 48% of Generation Y members want to be part of the startup trend.

Technological Trends

What is PayPal for Marketplaces and How Can It Help Your Small Business?

PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) recently announced the deployment of a new PayPal product for Marketplaces, an end-to-end global payment solution designed to help businesses manage and tailor payments to their needs specific. Introducing PayPal for Marketplaces PayPal for Marketplaces is a flexible and comprehensive payment solution for companies that accept and disburse funds.

NextCon17 conference launches with focus on customer experience

The customer experience took center stage today, as about 750 guests arrived for the first day of NextCon in Scottsdale, Ariz. The conference, which is in its second year, is being set up by the cloud business phone service provider, Nextiva. The focus on the customer experience is actually a new part of this year's conference.

What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

Understanding best practices in cybersecurity is just as important to the results of a small business as a good product. Being hacked or compromised can drive up costs, decimate profits and even send you into legal hot water. This is where the NIST Cybersecurity Framework comes in.

MasterCard declares that signatures are no longer required at the exit counter

What happens at the checkout counter changes very quickly. Checks are basically off. The money is almost gone. Credit cards are replaced by phones. And even the cards are changing – although it's happening more slowly than expected. Now, you can start saying goodbye to signing – or what your customers call their signature.

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