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In the News – Small Firms Get New Technological Options and Discover Safety Gaps in the Cloud

Small businesses rely more and more on technology. This week, several companies have introduced new products to make life a little easier and in other news, we learned that some of this technology is not always a benefit. At the very least, it presents new challenges and potential dangers that require our attention.

Take a look at what has happened this week on this front and more in our newsletter and information on small business.

Technological Trends

Epson adds 3 printers designed for home offices

The office can now be anywhere, and when you're at home having a solid and reliable printer, you will not have to go to the office to get any hard copies. Epson is addressing this segment with the introduction of new compact and affordable printers for the home, whether for the family or your home office.

1 out of 4 organizations using public cloud services data theft, McAfee Reports

McAfee's third annual adoption report and cloud security indicates that 97 percent of businesses, including small businesses, now use public, private cloud services, or a combination of both platforms. The bad news: 1 out of 4 companies using the public cloud have experienced data theft.

SmugMug acquires Flickr, which small business account holders need to know

The online photography industry has been consolidated with the acquisition of Flickr by SmugMug. The good news for Flickr users is that the two companies will work as separate entities after the close of the operation. SmugMug acquires Flickr SmugMug bought Flickr from Yahoo for an undisclosed amount. Yahoo itself is now owned by Verizon.

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Statistics suggest North Dakota could be a good place to start a business

If you have not looked at North Dakota for your next business venture, you should reconsider doing it now. According to a new infographic based on research conducted by PlayUSA, the state gets high marks. The infographic, "States with the Best Economic Prospects," asks you in which states you should play when you decide to settle for a living.

Service firms strengthen small business employment totals, ADP reports

The March Small Business Report from ADP (NASDAQ: ADP) revealed that the services sector was largely responsible for the 47,000 jobs created by small businesses in March. Although the number of small businesses is lower from 19,000 to February. Nevertheless, overall, national employment figures were higher at 241,000 compared to 235,000 last month.

Marketing Tips

How a small business can take advantage of big news like the royal wedding

The upcoming royal wedding is great news for small businesses. For example, GoDaddy Email Marketing statistics show opening rates for e-mails with subject lines related to royal wedding increased by 25%. Entrepreneurs are known to take advantage of big news like this to increase their profits. Small Business Trends asked Steven Aldrich, Chief Product Officer of GoDaddy.

Small spotlight advertising

Spotlight: SellApp activates chat and sales on a single platform

Messaging applications have become commonplace for many consumers. But for businesses, many of these apps do not have the ability to make sales and be paid without leaving the conversation. That's where SellApp comes in. The company aims to provide a solution that actually works for businesses and their customers.

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Small Business Operations

New Slice Billing Feature Automates Small Business Subscriptions for Products and Services

Stripe Online Payment Solution has launched a new and improved version of a feature that, according to the company, will help its customers, including small businesses, to better manage subscriptions to their own products and services. Stripe Billing goes, according to the company, to help you automate, optimize and scale the recurring business models that you have in place.

Social Media

Facebook introduces Prime Time at any time offering companies more training – free

Facebook's Prime Time Anytime program (NASDAQ: FB) may seem like a nod to traditional primetime TV. In reality, it's a new resource center with informative articles and even video tutorials. The resource center provides marketing ideas and solutions to help businesses understand the concepts of digital advertising to build their brand and more effective campaigns.

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