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Incredible social media trends will be coming soon in 2018

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Social media platforms seem quite simple in concept and design. Social media platforms merge newsgroups, video sharing, blogs, and IM programs into one giant package. Members of social media sites become able to communicate and interact effectively with each other through all the features available on the site.

While social media will surely remain simple in their design and the different platforms will not depart from their current usability, social media sites must change according to the needs of members. Technological progress and customer preferences are changing. Trends in social media emerge accordingly. A look towards the horizon of 2018 reveals a host of trends that will soon emerge.

The short-term arrival of ephemeral content

Snapchat played a huge role in the growth of ephemeral content, a type of content that seems to totally defeat the traditional wisdom of content. Ephemeral content refers to content that remains only available for a short duration of, for example, 24 hours. Such content is often shared quickly because it will not be available very long. Consider these messages as a form of "emergency marketing" that speeds up the promotional process. The Generation Z crowd seems to react well to this type of content.

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<h2> Focus on the Z Generation </h2>
<p> Ephemeral content is not the only social media trend that attracts the Generation Z audience. Generation Z could be the age group that social media platforms find the most influential. Probably, it's because Generation Z includes a lot of consumers who spend a lot of time on social media watching ads in social media. </p>
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In the coming years, Generation Z could become the first generation to become the most social media dependent for communications and social interactions. Anything and anything that clicks with Generation Z is sure to be built into social media platforms. The platforms will not be able to survive without the constant membership and participation of Generation Z.

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<h2> More emphasis on live broadcasting </h2>
<p> Live streaming can eventually replace broadcast. The economy plays a big role in this one. Live streaming is much cheaper than streaming a TV show. This makes the live broadcast attractive to anyone who wants to promote a business or just himself. </p>
<p> Access is another reason for the emerging popularity of live streaming. Everyone can participate. An advertiser looking to promote everything from home renovations to securities lending simply needs to create a webcam and click the appropriate buttons on a social media site. Although much work is needed to ensure that the audience is important, the cost of this task can be minimized. Even someone with a tight budget can launch a live stream. A person does not even need to be technically savvy to do it either. </p>
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Chatbot software can perform online conversations smoothly and realistically. Businesses seem to be adopting discussion robots because of their value in customer service operations. Experiments on the use of social media for chatbots are continuing.

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Other innovations in social media are also underway. The 2018 social media landscape is sure to look interesting.