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India goes Bitcoin: Zebpay will add 500k users per month by 2018

Indian Bitcoin Exchange Zebpay adds 200,000 users a month and waits for half a million dollars 39; here the end of 2017.

an interview of Forbes India, the exchange, which is one of the "big names" of the country in Bitcoin with Unocoin and Coinsecure, described the recent transformation of the market as "crazy".

"It's crazy now, but when we started Zebpay, we had no idea that the price would go up," commented CEO and co-founder of Zeb Ventures, Saurabh Agrawal. We were here to build a business model and not play the game of recovery. "

In September, Zebpay had 1 million downloads of its mobile application for Bitcoin, just three months after the 500,000 in May.]

Unocoin reported similar successes, with Indians increasingly turning to Bitcoin interaction in the face of monetary reorganizations and bank bailouts.

Cointelegraph reported Wednesday that the government Indian was going to help its troubled banks. "

" We add 2 lakh users per month, "added co-founder Mahin Goenka." After two months, we will add 5 lakh users per month. "

[19459] 005] Zebpay only provides exchanges via its app and does not have an exchange website.

At the same time, alternative trading platforms such as p2p Localbitcoins continue to expand, with the week ending October 21 being the fifth busiest for its Indian market since its launch in 2013. 54.1 million Rupees ($ 834,000) changed hands in the seven days.