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Indication of Adoption: Dan Bilzerian's Crypto Wallet Disclosure

Dan Bilzerian, son of Wall Street's Armenian re-enlistment expert Paul Bilzerian, recently disclosed his Cryptocurrency wallet distribution on Twitter. While the disclosure includes what coins he owns, it does not say what percentage of his wallet is in crypto.

The sometimes-decried poker player has been recently in the news for a variety of events, but the disclosure of crypto funds indicates widespread adoption However, given the nature of the market, the price of Bitcoin has recently grown and stayed over $ 8,000 and the overall crypto market cap is $ 8,000.

More recently, Tom Lee's prediction that Bitcoin is a strong buy at current prices, as well as the substantially bullish comment from investor Mark Yusko (who recently indicated a long-term projection $ 400,000). indicate that the consumer market is growing. With the addition of Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), growth will only continue.