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Indiegogo Extends Efforts to Help Chinese Startups Reach Global Consumers

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While the Indiegogo crowdfunding company has been running a pilot program in China for a few years, it is now relying on these efforts with the launch of the Indiegogo China Global Accelerated Program.

CEO David Mandelbrot is in Shenzhen, China this week to announce the program, which is designed to help Chinese entrepreneurs reach a global audience. In an email, he said:

The Chinese pilot program is officially out of phase pilot – today, we officially launch the Indiegogo global fast track. During the pilot phase, the team experimented with different ways to help Chinese brands and manufacturers looking to launch products overseas. After helping companies raise more than $ 100 million and launch more than 3,000 projects in China over a two-year period, the team has developed its new range of services.

These services include tips on crowdfunding and marketing in the US and in other countries, access to a network of more than 65 service providers (including retailers and corporations marketing) and Indiegogo's partner. and consulting from Chinese to English with bilingual staff.

Even during the pilot phase, Indiegogo had some success in helping Chinese companies get into the world. For example, crazybaby, a Bluetooth headset company, raised more than $ 4 million over three campaigns.

Mr. Mandelbrot said that Indiegogo also opened a satellite office in the Tencent Incubator in Shenzhen, a manufacturing center that has also become a hub for hardware startups.

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