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Infusionsoft Targets Small Businesses with New Landing Pages

Infusionsoft has launched a new product designed to enable users to quickly and effectively create striking, mobile-friendly landing pages.

Infusionsoft says its new landing pages are attractive and can be customized to help businesses capture new leads. The pages are accompanied by a gallery of easy-to-use templates and are free to use, according to the company.

A landing page is an important marketing tool for small businesses, helping to capture prospects or, in some cases, boost sales. With relevant incentives for action, landing pages encourage visitors to fill in information, make leads and leads, or simply buy a product. As a result, landing pages are an effective way to dramatically increase conversions, allowing a small business to sell more products and services and, ultimately, to grow.

As a specialist in setting up effective email marketing and sales platforms for small businesses, Infusionsoft claims to recognize the importance of landing pages to drive prospecting and drive sales. Hence the arrival of the new Landing Pages, which the company says is easier than ever for small businesses to do both.

The new Infusionsoft landing pages work in conjunction with e-mail campaigns and paid ads from a small business, allowing businesses to generate maximum interest for their brands, products and services.

In a press release, Rupesh Shah, Vice President of Infusionsoft Products, explained the importance of landing pages for small businesses and how the new Landing Pages feature will help small businesses in the short term to generate effective pages.

"We recently surveyed 3,500 clients and 90% said that landing pages play an important role in their small businesses," Shah said.

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New Infusionsoft Landing Pages Update Will Save Time

"However, most small businesses do not have the time or resources to code and design professional landing pages," added Shah. "With our new landing pages, small businesses can now publish beautiful, modern-looking pages that convert, with effortless customization and extremely fast page loading, providing visitors with an engaging customer experience on n & # 39; Any device. "

With the help of a simple drag-and-drop generator, small businesses with little technological know-how or experience will be able to create effective and responsive pages designed to generate leads, says Infusionsoft.

But the new product of the company has even more features. When you create pages with the new Infusionsoft landing pages, small businesses do not have to worry about finding relevant images to accompany the text. Users have access to a complete library of royalty-free images, which they can add to their copy by creating more engaging pages.

To use the new landing pages, Infusionsoft customers can simply log in to their Infusionsoft accounts and head to the marketing section. Then choose the campaign generator tool. From there, users can drag the Landing Page node onto the canvas.

Small businesses then have the choice of accessing a ready-made model market or starting from scratch and creating theirs.

The right landing page can act as a main magnet, so the new Infusionsoft product could be a small business that already uses the other services of the company.

Image: Infusionsoft