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Infutor launches a propensity market for consumers interested in buying cars

Founded in 2003, Infutor has built a massive repository of hundreds of millions of profiles identified for US consumers.

These consumer identities contain the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of these people, as well as attributes primarily from public sources – such as automobile or residential property, or if someone has recently moved. The company then makes these profiles available to credit reporting agencies, Fortune 500 retailers, marketing agencies and risk assessors and fraud for targeted advertising, email or other marketing efforts.

This week, the company based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, launches an Auto In-Market marketplace drawn from these profiles, to predictively assess the likelihood that the 190 million car owners are receptive to it. purchase of a new car.

Infutor said that this automotive market is the first of several markets focused on the propensity index focused on the industry or the product that it has. intention to launch. The next could focus on real estate, "said Vice President of Product Management, MJ Yafchak, since consumer records track the history of real estate transactions of individuals.

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