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Instagram testing a reservation and payment feature announced more than a year ago

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Instagram began testing a new booking and payment feature that allows users to book services and make direct payments to businesses directly from the app. At present, the feature is only available to a limited number of partners and companies on Instagram – one being Resy, an online booking application for restaurants.

The social platform first announced the launch of the feature last March. At the time, Instagram said that he was working on a way for users to book services through a company's business profile on the application – but now that the feature is live, the tests show that it also includes a payment option.

Users can register a debit or credit card via their Instagram profile and install a security code, which allows them to send payments without ever leaving the application, according to TechCrunch. Instagram told TechCrunch that it intends to extend the payment option to items like movie tickets.

Instagram has gradually been working on more trade options for brands on the platform. Last month he expanded his organic shoppable positions to eight other countries. Launched in the United States last year, organic Instagram publications allow businesses to enrich their product photos with purchase information and links pointing to options. purchase on the company website.

This new feature is a different beast because it is attached to a company's business profile on Instagram – providing an opportunity to generate revenue directly into the application.

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