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Instagram tests scannable Nametags, taking another page from Snapchat's playbook

It seems that Instagram is taking again a page of Snapchat's logbook. The social media site owned by Facebook has confirmed that it is testing Nametags, a feature that works the same way as Snapcodes from Snapchat, by TechCrunch.

Instagram nametags will allow users to create an image that other users will then scan with the Instagram Stories camera to track someone. While this feature will make it easier for Instagram users, brands and influencers will be able to use Instagram-scannable images off-the-shelf, for example on posters or articles, to increase their image. hearing.

TechCrunch – who learned how Nametags would work via an Instagram user who had received advance access to the new feature – says Instagram profiles will include a QR scanner button that opens a Nametag editor screen. From there, users will be able to create their Nametags.

From the TechCrunch Report:

They [users] can then choose between a purple Instagram color gradient, a pattern of an emoji that they choose or a selfie that they can brighten up with reality filters augmented which then become an emoji pattern. The user's Instagram user name appears in the center. For now, test group users can not share or analyze tags. But the code we discovered explains that users can scan them to follow people.

The borrowing from Instagram on Snapchat's features is not new, as we reported in May of last year when Instagram deployed selfie-masks filters . Before that, there was the launch of Instagram's Stories, and then his live videos on the channels, the Instagram version of Snapchat's Live Stories.

Last month, Instagram announced that any square or landscape photo or video less than 15 seconds downloaded by an advertiser would automatically be adjusted to fit a full screen. For its part, Snapchat has added the ability for its ad creation tool to automatically convert horizontal videos, photos and website content into vertical video ads more than nine months ago.

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