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Instant and Free Bitcoin Payments: The Lightning Network Just Had Its "Pizza Deal"

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A Lightning Network (LN) user reported that he's done what could be the first transaction in which the LN was used to purchase physical goods.

The Lightning Network has just had its "pizza transaction"

On Saturday, the Reddit user btc_throwaway1337 posted a photo of an AR300M VPN router and revealed that he had purchased it at TorGuard using the LN Mainline.

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Source: Reddit

As NCC reported, TorGuard began to accept LN payments for its VPN service earlier this month, even though the LN software has not yet received its long-awaited version and is currently intended only to be used on the testnet .

This Reddit user, however, contacted TorGuard Customer Service and asked if the company would also accept LN payments for physical products. After receiving an affirmative answer, the customer purchased the router.

"I'm just an average BTC lover, who had a little more time last weekend," said the client. "Everything was fast, easy, painless and above all: instant and free!"

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The user added that his payment channel had also been used to route multiple transactions made by the growing small number of LN mainnet users.

However, the user warned that because the LN is still in testing, anyone who uses it should be aware that it might lose funds or meet others. bugs.

"Mainnet is still caveat emptor! I went into the rabbit hole fully willing to lose my BTC. I was lucky, others did not have it. -be not! ", said the user of LN

A historic moment for the network of lightning

Nevertheless, the purchase is a historic moment for the adoption of LN because it seems to represent the first time that a LN payment was used to buy a physical item. Many Reddit users have compared it to the famous "pizza transaction", which took place on May 22, 2010, and was the first time that bitcoins changed hands in a real transaction.

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This LN pioneer, however, is not content with comparison. At the time of writing, he was trying to coordinate a real purchase of LN pizza.

"Rumor has it that I am on mainnet LN.I will pay 100% for two pizzas if any of you can help facilitate the transaction.Me me!," Says l & # 39; ;user.

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