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Insurance Finance Manager Needed: Forecasting and Modeling Skills are Advantage 

insurance finance manager

We need an outstanding insurance finance manager to keep up with our team’s fast-paced and dynamic environment. The insurance Finance Manager will oversee the FP&A assistance for one or more of our business distribution and growth teams. The ideal applicant will approach the position analytically and excel at combining fundamental financial and operational data to produce insightful, useful information that will guide strategic and operational decisions and lead to improved financial results.

The FP&A team supports strategy and business operations through the following three main goals:

  • Tracking, examining, and routinely reporting on pertinent metrics to monitor performance and create an understanding of the main factors that influence results both inside and across business domains.
  • Making decisions and prioritizing projects that will lead to future improvements in corporate outcomes by performing analysis, pro forma modelling, etc.
  • Making forecasts.

What will a finance manager do?

  • Bring the quarterly forecast updates and yearly budget planning cycle down to the department level.
  • Take part in the creation of the quarterly and monthly operations reviews.
  • To assist departmental and commercial development goals, conduct ad hoc analysis.
  • Participate in company development operations such as capital raising and mergers and acquisitions.
  • As a group of financial analysts expands in the future, provide guidance and training.

What qualities do you as a finance manager possess?

  • It is preferable to have a master’s degree in business, finance, accounting, or a similar discipline.
  • Professional background working in corporate FP&A or investment banking.
  • Strong organizational abilities, interest in creating new procedures and systems, and strong analytical capabilities.
  • Must be self-driven, imaginative, meticulous, and able to work alone under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; capability to communicate with individuals across the organization. Excel and expert modelling (three statements) abilities are a must-have.
  • Strong accounting skills.
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