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Intel details performance for the Meltdown patch on affected processors

Now that the Meltdown and Specter cats are out of the bag and patches are issued to the left and right, the main question people ask is this: will this affect my work? daily? The latest Intel performance indicators suggest that yes, but not too much – so much more so, like me, you have an old processor.

Intel's Navin Shenoy released the results of several in-house performance tests, and the performance problem related to the deeply rooted processor problem revealed by Google's researchers is relatively low for modern chips.

The most recent Kaby Lake processors, introduced at the end of last year, typically see a performance loss of less than 5% in SYSmark14SE, and often none. (The margin of error is +/- 3%.)

But the biggest success for these processors, and indeed for most of the others, is the "responsiveness" which, according to the creators of the application, includes "launches, launches files, web browsing with multiple tabs, tasks, copying files, handling photos, encrypting files + compressing and installing applications in the background. "So, just about everything most people must do.

Gaming performance seems mostly unchanged, and with most GPUs affected in a more limited way or not at all by the exploits and their mitigations, players can probably stay quiet.

Those who have older processors could see a real slowdown – for example, the 6th generation Core i7 6700K released in mid-2015. Its performance losses reach a level of 10%, with a 31% decrease in responsiveness on Windows 10. Naturally, it's my exact installation – and probably the configuration of many users who bought these extremely popular chips at l & # 39; era.

This graph shared by Intel shows the raw numbers, as a percentage of the uncorrected performance of a chip.

Card attack!

Even older configurations may be even more affected, but we can wait for the results. The real risk of these chips is that they are integrated or hard to reach, making their update difficult. Until now, there has been no report of hackers taking advantage of any of these bugs, though – this is not exactly kiddie script stuff.

Strangely, in a few cases, there are performance gains, but who knows how that happened. Shenoy does not address this unexpected windfall, as small as it is.

So if you notice that your computer is slowing down in the next couple of weeks, it 's not just you, and it' s not an Apple conspiracy – unfortunately, that 's it. is a necessary consequence of the Meltdown patch.

Featured Image: Alice Bevan-McGregor / Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSEOR

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