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Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship: Are you tired of working for someone else?

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It's really fun to see how many buzzwords are circulating in the space of entrepreneurship at some point. The word intrapreneurship is the one I've been thinking about a lot lately. It has such stigma among those seeking career independence. Yet, it is also a label on which many of you may feel attracted.

Most of those who read want to become entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. But, you may be better suited as an intrapreneur working hard. As my mother has told me all my life: "Some people are supposed to be workers."

Hard words to hear when you want to pave your own way …

Intrapreneurship defined:

An intrapreneur is someone who, out of fear or preference, works for someone else. However, their role goes well beyond that of casual workers who jump from job to job every few months or years. An intrapreneur loves his role and embraces it fully in the goal of growing the business.

The intrapreneur works at about the same level as the CEO and other leaders. They can even be a manager themselves, but they can also be the guy in the warehouse who prepares the packages for shipping. The big differentiator is that they are that name in the company that everyone knows and respects.

The intrapreneur does not show up late, rarely, if ever, sick, and may never see inside the break room because he's working so hard! With such enthusiasm and desire to win the game, it should not surprise many people want or desire to venture into the business world on their own.

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It is believed that those who are not are paralyzed by two possible roadblocks:

  1. Fear of failure (including the loss of current finances).
  2. At the bottom of themselves, they know that they need to have someone else who crack the whip (that is, say that they are not 100% motivated).

If you are an intrapreneur / wantrepreneur, what is holding you back now?

When should you really move from intrapreneurship to entrepreneurship?

Now that we have pessimism out there, there are a number of you who, in fact, SHOULD make the change. Many of you are probably sitting in the role of an intrapreneur, reading to push the needle in another direction, but you find yourself without the full commitment to take the plunge.

Here is a list of things that might indicate that you are ready to change this "I" to "E":

  1. You know for a fact that working for someone else is not what you want.
  2. You have a great business idea that burns a hole in your soul.
  3. You take risks and your boss does not.
  4. You have skills / abilities that will never be fully used as an intrapreneur.
  5. Every day of work for your employer is an agony and you make less effort than in the past.
  6. You want to leave a legacy by building something that will live beyond your time on Earth.

Now let's take a look at the steps that will help you start the change:

Start looking for ideas.

I can not really tell you how to come up with a business idea that suits you. Without knowing your interests, such a thing is impossible. However, if you do not have anything, check out Ivan's tips on using Google to find lucrative ideas that interest you.

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Start saving money yesterday.

You do not want to find yourself able to run an idea and have no savings / credit available to make it happen. Most of you will start your first business before leaving your current job. This is a great way to test the waters without going all the way. However, it can be unfortunate to do a job that you do not like anymore simply because you can not afford to do anything else.

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Make a business plan.

A business plan requires a lot of research. It also helps to build confidence in your idea. Putting everything on paper could be the tipping point that takes you from the occasional desire to the insatiable obsession!

Run the launch from your safe place.

This might not apply to everyone. However, if financial fears are blocking your path, you must launch while working. In this way, you can always build trust and learn your market with the security of a paycheck. If you're like me, you'll quit your job and get involved (some people need their backs against the wall, do not they?)

Put your head screwed straight.

All advice aside, there is no time like the present. If you are young and stupid, you have the rest of your life to recover from a bad decision or two. If you get older (like me), the weather is always low. If you really want to leave your mark, the jump will never be easier.

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There are only so many tomorrows …