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Intrepid Leadership Builds Resilient and Strong Workplaces




As a leader, your job is to help your team reach its potential. There is just a problem. Fear, conscious or unconscious, can sometimes interfere. "Intrepid Leadership: Unlock Success Using the Secrets of the Brain" is designed to help you defeat that fear and add something more powerful to it. By using the book's Fearless approach, leaders can learn how to build a truly connected, performing and resilient team.

If you work long enough, you are almost sure to work at a "bad job". This is not just a job where your skills or your schedule (or something else) did not work. Instead, it's a job defined by fear. It can be a result of disrespectful leadership, restrictive policies on the part of the company or a fierce environment. Whatever it is, you know that the work environment is not good for you.

Have you ever wondered what made this place so bad? Intrepid Leadership: Unlocking Success Using the Secrets of the Brain has an answer to that.

What is intrepid leadership?

In Fearless Leadership author Richard Varey claims that leaders exert a greater influence on the workplace than their job descriptions suggest. The book warns how bad leaders can negatively influence the mental environment of the people who work for them.

Fearless Leadership argues that this influence begins in the brain, but it ends up destroying the profits of the company.

That's how it goes.

The human brain treats fear quickly and effectively. When the brain interprets something as threatening (a tiger, a colleague we do not like, a lamentable opinion, etc.), it responds with three primary reactions: to fight, to freeze, or to run away. . Our body makes a decision in a split second. Our bodies release hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol) and we face the situation. Problem solved.

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The disadvantage of this wired system in our brain is that it works the same way, no matter the threat. It does not matter if you are running from a tiger or getting fired, your brain still releases the same chemicals. You always have the same reaction. These reactions could be perfect to survive the unpredictable and often dangerous environment of the distant past. However, they may not be as effective in the modern workplace.

Still, there are still leaders who trigger this set of fear reactions in the workplace. Leaders could shout, make fun of people or do other threatening things to those who report to them. These leaders believe that they help the company, but it's just the opposite. They destroy it. In this type of environment, a worker's brain focuses on escape and not on productivity.

So, how do you stop that? Intrepid leadership calls the answer, which is not surprising, to "the intrepid approach". The approach of promoting three simple qualities in the workplace: resilience, relationships and commitment to excellence. By using this intrepid approach, leaders can protect their workplaces from fear.

Varey is a high school teacher, speaker, and business owner of Fearless Leadership, a consulting agency for leadership development and training.

What was better in fearless leadership?

Although the stated purpose of the book is to create "intrepid leaders", it focuses more on the idea of ​​creating a stronger workplace. Fearless Leadership provides strategies and an assessment tool allowing any leader to refine and sharpen relationships in his teams – even if believe that these relations are already good.

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What could have been done differently?

Fearless Leadership claims to be about suppressing fear at work, but the focus of the book is actually on the opposite. It focuses on what leaders need to put in the workplace. This focus on the leader is important, but it is only a cause of an unproductive work environment. There are still other problems such as lack of diversity, which could prevent your business from being everything

Why read intrepid leadership?

Fearless Leadership is designed for the leader who needs to repair a toxic workplace. The book helps leaders evaluate their own contribution to this toxic workplace and provides a comprehensive strategy for a fresh start.

Fearless Leadership is also designed for the leader who wants to refine his leadership skills. The book provides a multi-faceted approach that allows leaders to determine where they might need to improve and what impact it should have on the workplace.