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Introbrand aims to help small businesses create DIY effects for your online video

Video has become the business card of the digital business ecosystem of today. And for many small businesses, the DIY road is the way to go because of the cost. Introbrand has created a service that fills a particular niche in this segment. It allows you to make intros, outros and logo animations for your videos.

Intrafrance Video Animation Tool

A professional quality intro with your logo and text is a great introduction to your brand. Even if you currently have no content, simply creating an animated logo can have a powerful impact.

What Introbrand has done is to provide an easy-to-use platform at a price that all businesses should be able to afford. For less than $ 20, you can get a professionally designed intro or outro and logo animation with music. And according to the founder of the company and owner of Introbrand Florian Heger – and the personal experience of Small Business Trends by creating the two videos below – this can be done in three minutes. It took less than three minutes for each video below.

Example A

Sample B

In a recent press release, Heger explains, "As a person with nearly two decades of experience in the industry, I know just how much design video production is going on. animation can be expensive and time consuming. That's why Introbrand was developed – to turn the tedious animation production line into an all-digital product, allowing individuals to save time, money and frustration in the process of road. "

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The platform has a number of templates and music that you can choose for clips of 3, 5 and 8 seconds. Once these selections made with the color of your text, insert your logo and preview it in 360 pixels as in the examples above. When you are ready to buy, you will be able to choose higher quality images, up to 4K.

The Differentiation Factor

Introbrand distinguishes itself by focusing primarily on an aspect of video animation. Other animation tools such as Animaker and Animatron provide comprehensive tools that also specialize in different aspects of the creative process.

But if all you want to create is quality animation with your own logo, Introbrand is as simple and affordable as possible.

A 28-second video is all it takes to show you how Introbrand works.


Image: Introbrand