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Introducing Project Asseta, an Innovative Platform

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No doubt the world is succumbing and bending to the waves of digital changes. In this new era, most aspects of our lives especially in the world of finances and banking are already digitalized.

Since its discovery, There has been a lot of attempts to apply “Blockchain” technologies to achieve positive results in other areas of financing, however, most researchers draw their attention to one financial service or product only (for instance, the transfer of money or lending). This competitive advantage which is received by the new participants of the market most probably will be short-term, as the current banks will use big resources, to create the same services, to remain competitive or gain the new products from “FinTech”.

ASSETA however, plans to offer traditional and future financial products in the environment based on the blockchain technologies and finally become a principle of single window to all the requirements of modern banking operations.

ASSETA will establish a digital bank and all the attention will be focused on providing low cost, modern, easy to use and borderless financial services, for instance, payments, lending, insurance, currency (including most popular cryptocurrencies) exchanges and investments.

ASSETA’s main goal is to build the bridge between crypto and real (fiat financial) worlds. Nowadays, people who holds their assets in the digital format (crypto-currencies) faces problems in the field of operation with such assets in the real world. These problems are caused by the lack of tools that could help in the spending of non-fiat currencies in the real world every day. With this project, ASSETA will be breaking all the barriers and borders between fiat and non-fiat worlds.

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Using the ASSETA system, users will be able to transfer funds globally, easily and for a reasonable price – be it fiat or crypto. In essence, having an account at ASSETA will get you the opportunity to operate with all your assets via one application. There will be no need to use external resources, such as exchangers.

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The main idea behind organizing this ICO is to raise money by selling AST coins (tokens) to the investors, who believe in the bright future and want to be a part of the revolution in the financial market. After ICO is completed, the tokens will become available on major exchanges for public trading within two weeks at a price no doubt higher than ICO price with active growth based on statistics and completed steps.

The ICO will kick start on February 2, 2018 and ends on February 28, 2018. The total supply is fixed at thirty three million (33, 000,000) AST tokens.

The accepted currency to purchase AST token during ICO is Ethereum (ETH) and 1ETH will get you 1000 AST.

Tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be destroyed automatically by the smart contract.


ASSETA has an innovative approach to business and careful treatment of any customer, whether you are a large industrial giant or a newbie freelancer who is just starting to pursue a career.


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  • Payment account for casual everyday transfers
  • ASSETA debit and credit card
  • Loans and savings (with instant payout solution)
  • Investment of funds to professionally picked projects
  • Smart invoicing
  • Payment processing for merchants (Your customers can pay with almost any available payment option which they prefer)
  • API for secured automated payouts
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The future bank not only offers traditional banking services, but also transactions in crypto currencies and is totally integrated in “FinTech” market. Be part of the future, join ASSETA now!




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