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Investing in Crypto: Test on

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Like many of you, I started to learn more and more about cryptocurrency, digital currency, Bitcoin and Blockchain. At first these words were just not in my vocabulary and I had no idea what they meant. But after talking to a few people and reading articles that popped up all over the Internet, I became intrigued. And, what really caught my attention was the resilience of Bitcoin, despite all the negative publications surrounding cryptocurrency.

However, all I could do was kick myself for not learning sooner! I wanted to, but I thought it was too late, and that I had missed the cryptocurrency ship by not buying Bitcoin. That is, until I discovered that cryptocurrencies – and the blockchain, the underlying technology – were just scratching the surface of what was coming in the future. Indeed, the potential for investment in cryptocurrency has only just begun.

There are fintech startups launched regularly – via ICO, boostrapping, venture capital financing, and so on. – all trying to grab some part of the huge crypto market. One of these startups is

Profitcoins: What is it? – a fintech start-up that develops your investment by buying and selling high-works with a handful of people with little or no knowledge of digital currency or buying Bitcoin for a test phase a month from their software. Since the startup holds an outstanding trust rating, people can compromise with confidence with them.

Here's how it works: They monitor and analyze over 100 cryptocurrency providers 24 hours a day, comparing the price of cryptocurrency among all providers, and instantly recognizing when a price difference occurs. The software then allows to buy the undervalued currency and then resell it at a higher price. Depending on your level of investment, you can take advantage of a decent amount of capital gains.

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How to begin

First of all, the inscription was a children's game. You just need to register with your e-mail address and phone number and in less than three minutes your account will be approved.

Once registered, I was invited to test a free demo, in order to test the software. The graphical interface was user-friendly and everything was incredibly easy to understand and follow, especially if we consider the complexity of the world of cryptocurrency.

Basically, there were two buttons: "Start" and "Deposit". I was able to exchange my money against Bitcoin via Quite simple. If you have questions, no worries – there is a 24 hour customer service channel. The support was helpful and they explained me things in a way that I could easily understand .


My experience was positive after the test phase of one month. It is suitable for beginners, and new crypto-investors can enter crypto-invest without much friction. I think there are many opportunities to develop my investment. I recommend you try the platform (use the free demo) and see if that fits your style and your investment plan.

As always, know that there are risks associated with every investment opportunity. This article is just for informational purposes only; you should look for a trusted financial advisor before deciding anything.


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