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Iran's central bank wants to "control and prevent" cryptocurrency, reports local press

The Iranian central bank has separated from previous pro-Bitcoin government announcements and now seeks to "prevent" cryptocurrency. Published by the Iran Front Page Wednesday, February 21

An article in the Iranian newspaper Iran Front Page cites the Central Bank of Iran describing crypto-currencies as " very unreliable and risky "This week.

The bank, press sources say, is now " cooperating with other institutions to develop a new mechanism for the control and prevention of digital currencies in Iran." ]

While the details remain unclear at this point, if the truth is true, the tone of the central bank contrasts sharply with the reports of last November surrounding an open reception of crypto in Iran

. The Cyberspace Council said rules should be in place to ensure the safe operation of property, in accordance with various jurisdictions around the world.

" We welcome Bitcoin, but we must have regulations for Bitcoin and D 'after the Secretary-General quoted by Cointelegraph, Abolhassan Firouzabadi,

Iran's Minister of Technology Information and Communication (ICT) also announced, in a move reflecting the recent stages of Russia's regulatory battle with Bitcoin.

Debated likely use cases, the Online commentators have quickly linked the project to the possibility of circumventing international sanctions in light of Venezuela's identical plan to use its Petro token to increase international capital this month.

Sources of Russian government had also considered the concept.

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